"Theres something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it"

So what exactly are they doing down there? And what would Tesla say?'s like that itch you just can't scratch.~CPJs

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I read the article CP but then somehow got hooked up on Anita and her flamenco dancing. Like would they really tell us if they knew wots happening down south An Tart Tica way?

No they wouldn't tell us. That's why we want to find out. Its a big secret and no one likes secrets.especially NWO El-ite secrets. They tend to be bad.

Anita The Malteser-teaser?...mmmm...Maltesers...chocolate shell with crunchy inside.

That's awesome! Lady is spinnin faster than a subatomic particle

You wanna know what Tesla would say? Well, don't ask Musk, he's an insult to Nikola T.

You could ask Donald and his Uncle John though.

Thought this might be an appropriate place to show the new tech going into Otago given its location to the white continent

US firm to build high-tech radar in Central Otago to track space junk

Caught that one Rose, we have entered the space age (rolls eyes).


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