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A large-scale 1080 pest control programme across the Hunua Ranges, south-east of Auckland, has suddenly been suspended.

The Hunua Ranges

The Hunua Ranges Photo: Supplied

A conservation group opposing the drop - The Friends of Sherwood Trust - won a temporary injunction in the Environment Court, about the same time as non-toxic cereal pellets were being dropped across the ranges last week.

The trust is worried that 1080 could fall into the water supply.

The non-toxic pellets used in the precursor drop are designed to entice pests like rats, possums and stoats with a taste of the bait before the toxic version is dispersed.

The drop of actual 1080 poison over the Hunua Ranges was expected to take place by the end of this week, weather dependent.

But the Environment Court ruling has put that on hold, while a full hearing is due this Thursday.

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thank god !! sending ALL of my energy to make this stop all together everywhere 

wish theyd turn off all the damned wifi emmitters AND stop the poisons  ,they might find the species of life disappearing might reappear 

Friends of Sherwood Trust: WELL DONE!! CONGRATULATIONS on this temporary injunction!! All of NZ is watching and feeling inspired by your work!! The ripple effect will be huge, we wish you every success with further court actions !!

This is great news in the fight to stop 1080 being dropped into the water supplies everywhere. Still early days though, as it is only a temporary suspension until the full court hearing on Thursday. But with the iwi taking an anti-poison stance now, it adds political pressure on the legal system to acknowledge that this poison does have a harmful effect on health, even if just in the way of people gathering herbal remedies from the bush that has just been poisoned. I was at the big protest in Wellington at Parliament on Saturday, and heard so many stories about the effects of 1080 on people's lives, that will never be published in mainstream news


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