Friends, excuse my gross language in the title. However, sometimes gross words do an excellent job of communicating one's message! I want to offer you some training, some education, if you do not mind and if I am not being overly arrogant in this suggestion?

Everyone wants to believe in a 'magic pill' to cure our ills, a quick 'fix' that quickly puts us back on course, a 'savior' who will resurrect us and bring a new world. This is innocent human behavior.

I send you this short video advertisement (below) for the Blushield EMF Protection devices I used to represent. There are many reasons I left the company, I will not mention those reasons here. And they are decent products, people felt better using them, so I felt alright in my heart providing them since there were so many constant and excellent testimonials. 

What I could not go along with and did not feel good about were the claims being made. Using over simplified advertising, showing people how magical and effective the products were in 'protecting' them from EMF. 

I would like for each of you interested in this subject to watch this short presentation below. It is 100% propaganda. It is slick, well done, and takes advantage of the innocent, uneducated and ignorant mind in relation to the dangers of EMF exposure, offering 'hope' and a 'magical savior' for this most serious issue. 

No joke, I would have been a millionaire if I would have stayed with the company providing the Blushield products. I was one of his top sellers and he gave me the USA territory as a distributor. Again, I walked away for some reasons I don't want to talk about. 

However, I really wanted all of you to watch this type of presentation so you can be sober yourselves and help friends and family not to fall into the trap of thinking there is going to be a cell phone sticker, bracelet, pendant, or an EMF protection device that is going to save us from our addiction to wireless devices and living in microwave saturated cities!

(Note: Please understand I am referring here only to devices, stickers, bracelets, etc., whereby people selling them make unreasonable claims about 'EMF protection'. When it comes to scientifically validated and professional products such as microwave shielding paints, fabrics and EMF protective clothing made from various shielding fabrics, this is a different and unrelated subject. Because with those products you can easily make before and after measurements, seeing the reduction in exposure levels visually on a microwave meter.)

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So pleased You were involved with this bullshit company Neil. What you are revealing to all is a Blessing!

Good for you! Thank you Rose for your service as always.


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