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As always...there is more to this dismissal with prejudice than meets the eye!  Hint hint...

The good news is they can never go after the Bundy's or the rest of us for any of the CURRENT charges related to THE STANDOFF in NV and they are going to have to retry or release any of the Bunkerville defendants from the first two trials who were found guilty on the same corrupt Brady violations or were stupid enough to take plea agreements.  All good news.

The bad news is the whole tyrannical shit show was unfolding in all those sealed hearings that would at the very least lost some big names their jobs but also possible civil and criminal charges.  From the Clark County Brand Inspector to the BLM, FBI, DoJ, Attorney Generals, certainly the Prosecutors and that corrupt Judge Navarro who covered up all the SAME violations in the first two trials!  Problem is...the Bundy's know their rights and they couldn't keep the whole shit show quite anymore.

So yes, great news they are out but we may never know the full extent to the militarized corruption we were really up against.  I can only hope it ALL comes out in the first two groups retrials then people can start bringing these people down.

I have only a few weeks to help put on the FIRST EVER Iditarod Qualifier here in Valley County Idaho so I haven't had a chance to post anything about the latest Bundy developments but more and more is coming out every day so once the race is over I will post my thoughts as I think I am more pissed off with what I know today than I was after the standoff!  :)

Much love to all my CunTug peeps and any of you Idaho/Oregon peeps can check out our sled dog race here! (checkpoints in McCall, Donnelly and Cascade.



As usual the taxpayers will pay for the wrongs done by poor employees. It is very, very horrible that the Bundy's and others standing up for our constitutional rights spent years in jail. Little msm coverage on the release too. Including msm co-opted pbs.  I'm grateful that they are free and that the truth did set them free. Perhaps the tide has finally turned and truth and justice for the corrupt will finally occur. 


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