Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey forecast to stall and loop de loop over nuclear plant in Matagorda County

There is a nuclear plant directly in the path of this monster storm. Weather warfare?

While this is a calamity in the making, I saw the mayor of San Antonio welcoming all evacuees, even undocumented, no questions asked. Airbnb also generously offered to house them. Let's hope and pray people's good intentions help to save the nuclear plant.

I won't even get into the name angle until later, the situation is stressful enough as it is.

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As if going to San Antonio will help if these reactors melt down.  Almost seems like another fuku 'mother nature' related.  Guess that tptb/w are trying to send a message.  That or they want to finish off the gulf coast for inhabitation to hide it's slow death from corexit

sounds like one of those drivers if they drive over someone, they back up and drive over them again to make sure they dont talk.  what a concept though, bull low, neutral and reverse - a kinder, gentler machine gun handle???

Hurricane Harvey strengthens to Category 4 storm, landfall imminent

Wishing all those Contrailers effected the best and hope you come through OK.

  • Just browsing about Hurricane Harvey and found New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieuthese and the bearded man to his right being very odd in an interview..

  • ." we can see these things can change on a dime"  Listen and look at them SMIRKING .0.12min. There is glee on their faces they are excited and trying not to show it. 


  • New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu told residents on Friday to stay vigilant as Hurricane Harvey is expected to reach the Louisiana coast by early next week, dumping up to ten inches of rain. / AP

Be careful out there, please! 

The real danger to the Texas and Louisiana coastline is that much is below sea level. I am from there and what seems to be a moderate effect can turn catastrophic in a few short hours. My daughters family is in Austin and my Son-N-Law just told me the rain is not bad yet but day's of this can swell river's and the flow down stream cam overwhelm already saturated areas. It will be long day's and night's for the Folk's in Texas and Louisiana.

All the best for your family Janie. Thank you and please keep us posted if you can. 

Thank You,Sarah. I will keep updates coming. What people may not understand about the Houston area is that the major loop that surrounds the metropolitan area was not planned for the population that inundated Houston in the 70's and 80's. When you exit the loop the down ramps fill with water even in normal heavy rains, cars stall out as they hit pooling high water. People unaware just do not see it before it happens,like many mini waterfalls surrounding the city! Tropical systems can fill up the city and catastrophic conditions arise quickly. I believe the Astrodome and other Athletic Centers can be similar to the Superdome during Katrina,a Nightmare of Astronomical proportions! Please pray for All the Good Folks of Texas effected by this Water Event, enhanced by those who would.
Guess the driver of that vehicle missed the turn around don't drown notices. Doubt his insurance will cover stupid
Thanks for the link to the video. While scrolling through the comments saw the hurricane scale. Very interesting.

Harvey made landfall on Rath Street in Rockport. Waves of aggression broadcast from Charlottesville helped fuel it. 

Good call Cat


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