Mentioning the word “chemtrails” is a great way to earn the scorn of mainstream media pundits and their ilk. But a quick search of the term “geoengineering” yields a number of results — including a Geoengineering program at University of Oxford. The program page notes that stratospheric aerosols (more commonly known as chemtrails) are one tool of choice in the geoengineering industry.

There are many reports on the facts about geoengineering efforts. While there are many facets to the geoengineering scheme, chemtrails have long been one of the most easily visible tactics — and also the most denied. According to the U.S. government’s own records, aerosol spraying efforts have been underway for decades. Even NASA has reportedly admitted to spraying lithium into the atmosphere. And in 2017, an EPA scientist was fired for sounding the alarm on the dangers of spraying aluminum into the atmosphere.

These efforts may be an attempt at controlling the climate — but as many have warned, geoengineering may come with a hefty price.

It seems that the only thing “fake” about geoengineering are the claims that it isn’thappening.

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It has been so awful seeing all the chemtrail spraying over Nelson today, worst attack for months. Trails all over the sky at all crazy angles like X patterns and stop start stop patterns. I rang the Civil Aviation and Airways Corp to try and find out who is operating these planes and what is being sprayed, and just got the same disinfo and lies as usual, saying they are just normal contrails and they are lingering because the air is cold up there. I asked the air traffic controller to look up geoengineering and aerosol spraying on Google to get informed instead of spouting the standard jargon, and he said he was too busy to look up those sites!

  Hard to know what it will take to get any truth from any of the brainwashed officials and politicians who either can't see what is going on or have been told to keep quiet about the spraying. Even though they are being poisoned by the filth being dumped on us just as much as we are

Glad to hear you are still giving the appropriate authorities an earful Tim.  The brainwashing runs tragically deep.  It is time we demanded that they test the jet fuel.  

We are trying to VIN a classic vehicle at the moment, one of he areas they have cracked down on is emmisions.  What is the difference between cleaning up classic car road emission to cleaning up the plane pollution? 

Wondering if you are going to be doing info awareness at Luminate this year Tim?  

Hey, yes still trying to get some truth from the authorities, and getting stonewalled just like the old days. Not sure how these pathetic officials that sit in their offices and lie through their teeth to concerned citizens can sleep at night. Maybe a combination of brainwashing and ignorance.

  I will be doing the full eight days of full-on info awareness via film screenings at Luminate in February, but have been told by the organisers that they don't want stuff that makes people feel upset, so that kind of limits my selection a bit! The challenge is to find the balance between showing the truth of what is going on and keeping people uplifted by showing positive changes that are happening

Trying to VIN a classic Rose? Welcome to my world,  and welcome to endless knockbacks from the WOF testers. They will throw all the tricks in the book at you to try and get that car off the road!

Perhaps we can talk about this soon Martin. It's a converted ambulance (beautiful suspension!) with a Holden motor reconned and 400kms) At approx $800 a VIN test, we have to get it right.

Yes we were there in Nelson today and yesterday, non stop trails of pollution. More than a dozen at a time.

Here is a moment of it.Thank you for questioning it with Civil Aviation.


Thinking of doing a street stall about the chem spraying after the horrors of Friday. Only office workers would not have seen how awful the spraying was then, so blatant, huge parallel trails all across the sky lingering for ages. Will post some pics. Will also send some to the Nelson Mail, since they ask the public to send interesting photos

In the past few weeks, people who I never ever expected to wake up have started asking me about chemtrails and geoengineering. Not taking the piss, but listening, firing serious questions at me, and listening attentively to answers and explanations. It's taken years to get there, but it's happening. 


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