China tracks workers’ brains; now tracking children with “smart” tech uniforms

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If there is any country on Earth that is most emblematic of the rising governance model that is Technocracy, it is China.  The many pieces to this structure have included much of what we see emerging in the U.S. with pervasive surveillance, biometrics and a notion of protecting the public by instituting pre-crimealgorithms in police departments and travel. So, in many ways, China is the very large canary in the coal mine for anyone who wishes to attempt to slow the rapidity of our slide down the slippery slope toward scientific totalitarianism.

As I covered previously, China put the world on notice back in April that it was declaring full ownership over the brains of its workers and military with the imposition of brain-reading sensors in their respective hats, caps and helmets in order to determine efficiency and safety patterns, as well as general mental state.


  • Concealed in regular safety helmets or uniform hats, these lightweight, wireless sensors constantly monitor the wearer’s brainwaves and stream the data to computers that use artificial intelligence algorithms to detect emotional spikes such as depression, anxiety or rage.
  • The technology is in widespread use around the world but China has applied it on an unprecedented scale in factories, public transport, state-owned companies and the military to increase the competitiveness of its manufacturing industry and to maintain social stability.
  • […]
  • The research team confirmed the device and technology had been used in China’s military operations but declined to provide more information.
  • (Source: Activist Post via South China Morning Post)

The Chinese government acknowledges that workers expressed initial concern over the perception that they were having their minds read, but after some acclimation “they got used to the device. It looked and felt just like a safety helmet. They wore it all day at work.” Future plans include use for flight operators in airline cockpits, but it “means the pilots may need to sacrifice some of their privacy for the sake of public safety.”

In the meantime, a new initiative is paving the way for training the next generation that this type of surveillance is completely normal: school uniforms equipped with tracking chips to supposedly fight truancy. Here we can see an integration of the range of surveillance tech that is at the disposal of technocrats everywhere, including the United States. My emphasis added.

  • The uniforms use chips to monitor the location of students and can record their exit and entry into school, according to the tech firm behind the tracking devices.
  • “When students enter the school, the smart uniforms help take a photo or video of them,” explained principal Ran Ruxiang, whose elementary school in Guizhou province started rolling out smart uniforms last November.
  • […]If students walk out of the school without permission, an automatic voice alarm will activate, the report said.
  • Paired with facial recognition devices installed on school doors, the smart uniforms can also sense if students swap uniforms.
  • “We choose not to check the accurate location of students after school, but when the student is missing and skipping classes, the uniforms help locate them,” Guizhou province school principal Lin Zongwu told the Global Times.
  • (Source: AFP/France24)

Facial recognition on doors in schools already has been implemented in the U.S., like this one in Seattle.  And people are beginning to embrace this technology on their own homes with Amazon’s facial recognition doorbell and a host of other similar gadgets.

The most insidious part of what is taking shape in China and across the world with the rise of smart tech surveillance and tracking is that children, having grown up without a reference point for any semblance of self-ownership, will now form a much easier population to oppress in the future.

By Nicholas West

Nicholas West writes for He also writes for Counter Markets agorist newsletter.

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Our brains are already being monitored even without wearing helmets. The whole helmet, micro-chip thinga ma jiggy is a red herring to think we're immune because we don't have a helmet on etc. but they locked in on us years ago. Also alota folk foolishly inclined to think, 'oh well it's only in China, I'm ok Jack..' are gonna get a nasty wake up call before too long. How do u stop the kunts knowing ur thoughts?? Easy peezy..I don't have any and I aim to stretch out my periods of 'no thought' for longer and longer stretches of time especially when I sense I'm being goaded into venturing down a certain thought 'path' instigated by those Kunts who think they are in control of everyone and everything.

And we're all welcoming this in with open arms. Fabulous. Too many people are following China and mistaking them and their Russian puppets for heroes who will save us from the old Elite Bloodline families: Go Putin! Go China! Welcome the New World Order and the 2030 Agenda.

Sorry to say, that while I've been away from theConTrail, I've been watching closely how The Lucis Trust has been manipulating our truthseeking community from within to INSTIGATE the New World Order while outwardly claiming to oppose it: a neat trick. They did a practice run with the "Occupy" movement, and now the real op is underway. I tried to warn the conduits, I tried hard. It fell on deaf ears. I am surrounded by unwitting conduits of the Lucis Trust/NWO "New Global Religion" who are embracing it with unrestrained enthusiasm. Very frustrating, but, ya can't save people from themselves.

Logic,common sense and discernment are out the window. So:

Putin is a superhero.

Trump is ordained by God.

Xi Jinping will overthrow the Illuminati,

and blue feathery extra-terrestrials will save us all.

Welcome to 2019;the year we lose our marbles

Our brains aren't just being "monitored" Rainbow Cat: They're being turned to mush!

Meanwhile I'll Keep talking to the plants and animals and listen to their messages, it'll be the only thing that saves us which is why there's an all out assault on the natural world.

Kia Ora Rose, the shift too China being the new superpower is scary.

The Chinese govt has perfected absolute control over most not all eg. peeps in Hong Kong have started protesting for independence. But the rest want to be true too their programming and please the Paramount Leader Xi Jinping.

This is what the Elites want for the useless eater...


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