Chinese Police Now Using Facial Recognition To Monitor Citizens

China seems to be leading the way with the introduction of facial recognition tech, and you can be sure the civilised world will follow. Xi Jinping certainly got it right in proclaiming his nation as top dog in the New World Order pack!

The glasses are being used by officers in police stations to oversee travellers during the Lunar New Year
By James Vincent The Verve
China’s police have a new weapon in their surveillance arsenal: sunglasses with built-in facial recognition. According to reports from local media, the glasses are being tested at train stations in the “emerging megacity” of Zhengzhou, where they’ll be used to scan travellers during the upcoming Lunar New Year migration. This is a period of extremely busy holiday travel, often described as the largest human migration event on Earth, and police say the sunglasses have already been used to capture seven suspects wanted in major cases, as well as 26 individuals traveling under false identities.
The sunglasses are the latest component in China’s burgeoning tech-surveillance state. In recent years, the country has poured resources into various advanced tracking technologies, developing artificial intelligence to identify individuals and digitally tail them around cities. One estimate suggests the country will have more than 600 million CCTV cameras by 2020, with Chinese tech startups outfitting them with advanced features like gait recognition.
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Couple this technology with the ability to put anyone's face on anyone else's body digitally, and the potential is there to frame anyone for any crime.

Who here remembers the British Sci Fi TV series Blake's Seven? This is exactly what they showed, back in the late 70's, in the first episode where they frame Blake for his alleged subversive anti Police State activities and set him up as a Paeodophile. Yet another example of the same team that made Doctor Who, doing yet more whistleblowing.

And here we are, Science Fiction is now reality yet again.


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