Chinese scientists clone five baby monkeys after editing genes to induce mental illness.

Chinese Scientists clone five baby monkeys after editing genes to induce mental illness.

South China Morning Post Published 24 January 2019 2.34am

Related: China confirms birth of gene-edited babies, blames scientist He Jiankui for breaking rules.

SCMP published Monday 21st January 2019 3.42 pm

Related: What is gene-editing? Who is doing it? And is it right? Chinese scientist He Jiankui''s controversial experiment explained.

SCMP Published Thursday 29 November 2018

Related: Who are the investors supporting He Juankui, the scientist behind the gene-edited babies?

SCMP Published Thursday 29 November 2019 10.03am

"Chinese and international venture capital firms have invested at least 298 million yuan in two of He Juankui"s biotech start ups"

(US$43 million)

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Interesting  Feb 25th 2018

(In my opinion gene editing babies and human cloning breaks the Abominationometer but the disabled baby monkeys are heartbreaking. The age of the chimera is upon us and people don't even know it. WE LIVE IN A WORLD WITH HUMAN SHEEP HYBRIDS...why is nobody paying attention? CPJs)

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Oh great gene editing to induce mental illness. Enough psychopaths and sociopaths are already here. 

A slightly different subject....Stem Cells for 5G??

On the money there Rob, they will sell the concept of the GMO/cyborg/clone world as a way to survive all the radiation and toxic crap they are covering the earth with.

Im thinking of renaming this discussion at the mo, these are all steps to transhumanism and AI. Clone world is much closer than peeps would know.

Abomination world? 

In The Anarkey, the monkeys run away from the zoo. 


Guerilla war-fare is wageg b(u)y unleashing army-hordes of starving beasts in The Anarkey. 

such a sick world 


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