I've been sitting on this PDF for a while now. Consider it my New Year's gift to the ConTrail!

PDF attached 789-Ionospheric-earthquake-precursors.pdf

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present for you Martin

The image below has been sharpened and enlarged to show what can't be seen in the smaller original

Well done Rose!

Adding it to my Uncensored posting too.

Never thought I,d see these again!

Thank you Martin! Wow!

No worries Zane!

The stats at Uncensored have shown a surprising lack of interest in the first few days of publication, but now it is the top ranking recent article and word is spreading!

I think this revelation has rekindled interest in the whole Christchurch Quake story and "disaster Capitalism" in general.


Personally I have been waiting nearly 7 years for this component of evidence to surface, congratulations it is a major breakthrough for us IMO. Some major activists from around the world I have spoken to are quite blown away with this. I spent hours sending your article out via various social media groups so hoping this effort has a positive spin off for you and Uncensored. You will also note every current MP and Minister in NZ now has a copy too for their records. I hope they are ready for what is about to hit them and not just this..Top stuff, again stoked, Thanks!

Much appreciated Zane. I searched literally hundreds of often very dry and technical documents, using a variety of word search combinations, before this came to light.

I think there will be some interesting developments arising.

While it is unlikely to halt the speeding juggernaut that is the UN 2030 Agenda, at least it gives ammunition to those who pursue the truth of the geoengineering "resilient cities" rebuild scheme and "disaster capitalism" in general.

Thanks for your part in spreading the word Zane. I have precious little spare time for activism these days, so it's good to know the research is being used actively and creatively.

Yes Agenda 2030, when you put it like that Martin it puts things into perspective doesn't it? None the less, not taking away your credit to the fact I assume you spent hours and hours of scanning "dry & technical" documents to get this break through and how that could have a very important part to play somewhere down the line in the near future. Well done.

I did it to find answers because I wanted to know what happened to my city and my home, and more importantly, why my family went through years of emotional hell. 

Right from the start I had suspicions about the quakes. Someone told me that a device called HAARP was responsible, so I decided to look for facts.

I just wanted to know the truth and to share my findings with others. Somehow along the way I got asked to be an admin here, and that led to being approached by Uncensored management.

If I can make a difference to the world by sharing knowledge, then my family and I didn't go through all this for nothing.

Brilliant!  I understand what this means to you and many other people and even myself. I was like you, had no idea of Haarp at that stage but I could sense something was up that day. The earth moving both side to side and up and down, thats what made me think this is not a normal earthquake. Like you I had to dig. Then there were all the signs of military etc all the other "coincidences" etc, we all know the story, bottom line is, thanks!

Martin, in your opinion what would have been the main motive for Christchurch being a man made 'eco-terrorism' quake?  Oil or profits made from the aftermath, or both?  Or anything else? 

There are many possible motives Peter, and it may well be a combination. One intriguing possibility I explored several years ago was that China, as self proclaimed leaders of "the New Global Order" were responsible. Think about it: TTPA delegates including FEMA , RAND, and US military/industrial agents were among the members in Christchurch on the day in question. They got up and left with mere hours to spare as if they got a last minute warning. Christchurch is the Antarctic gateway and a vital US military station (At Harewood). What better place and time for China to take a shot at the opposition? Just a theory, but worth considering especially as John Key had pressure and financial incentive to change the NZ national flag!

I strongly favour, however, the idea that Christchurch was razed in order to rebuild it to UN Agenda 2030 specification; one of their "Resilient Cities". The presence of Admiral Thad Allen: FEMA's infrastructure rebuild specialist and RAND's "Disaster and rebuild" specialist, among the PPF/TTPA delegates and a strong presence in the aftermath is most telling.

Christchurch City Council has been a holdout of asset ownership in NZ. Mayor at the time of the event, Bob Parker ("Sir Bob" subsequently) pledged an awful lot of money to the National government's "Emergency Earthquake Minister" Gerry Brownlee, before stepping aside to let new mayor Leanne Dalziel deal with a now thoroughly cash strapped council: The plan I believe was to bankrupt CCC, forcing them to sell off assets and give up public services to privatisation.

I have also noted the rather extraordinary way in which certain buildings, particularly churches, seem to have been targeted for demolition, while the NWO "temple", the Christchurch Casino, despite right in the "targeted" CBD, suffered practically NO damage and barely closed for business!

The government also made announcements that many government departments would be moving into the CBD after the rebuild, suggesting a possible gearing up for a Wellington event, leading me speculate that Chch may become the defacto capital city in the event that Wellington is demolished by a major quake.

"Meet The Chief Resilience Officer

Mike is an avid Wellingtonian with experience in central and local government. He has also worked for Deloitte and the New Zealand Defence Force. His particular areas of expertise are in infrastructure planning and investment, and operations. Mike is excited at the prospect of working with 100RC to build on Wellington’s resilience."

The oil and mineral factor: Always part of the plan. Much publicity has been given to the "lost continent" of which New Zealand is a small part, which geologists are calling "Zealandia". technically there is nothing new in this knowledge yet the sudden "push" on the subject and so many seismic surveys taking place around NZ waters suggests that the Elite view this "lost continent" as potential Real estate for the taking: If this was once a large landmass, the gas, oil, and other mineral reserves must be massive. It is quite possible they are opening up (both literally and figuratively) this potential source of wealth. One thing's for sure: the presence of both the Aquila and Resolution exploration vessels at the right times and locations were no coincidence, and nor was the signing of permits in John Key's office within 4 hours of the Feb 22 quake.

I've written a number of blogs touching on these subjects Peter, and I'll grab the links for you shortly


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