I've been sitting on this PDF for a while now. Consider it my New Year's gift to the ConTrail!

PDF attached 789-Ionospheric-earthquake-precursors.pdf

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Land grab

How to make an earthquake

Another thought Peter - there is the signed statement from a crew worker on MV Aquila (she was parked outside Christchurch the day before and the day of the quake) was last with a member here from Christchurch.  THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT as the Government were asked in a seabed mining Public Meeting at the Takahanga Marae, Kaikoura where MV Aquila was at the time of the quake.  This question was asked at a public meeting by a Kaikoura resident to Simon Bridges & Nick Smith and multiple other sitting government bodies.  They got into a rugby huddle and finally exclaimed that she was in Wellington on the day of the quake.  THAT SHOULD BE ON PUBLIC RECORD.  Mark Solomon was sitting Chair at the meeting.  They were disturbed by the question without a doubt. THIS WAS TOTAL BOLLOCKS.  There was a statement from a crew member on Aquila.  That item was last with a journalist in Christchurch and a member here. I will send you that contact.  That one is a smoking gun. As far as I know, it's never been published.

Worth mentioning the steel girder that was displayed over the Avon and the pyramid like structure (cardboard cathedral)  The Cardboard Cathedral in Christchurch - the transitional pro-cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch opened in August 2013. On the corner of Hereford and Madras Streets in Latimer Square, was several blocks from the permanent location of ChristChurch Cathedral, which was significantly damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Lets not forget the crop circle  (that appeared exactly one month to the date before Darfield quake) that was the southern cross with a target in the middle of it. 

The blue and red lights photographed above chch (5am) posted by Ben Tomlinson

And the accompanying video from Profanity Dubstep - you can contact him for more info on youtube.  He did an investigation.

Christchurch 10km shallow hits - shaken not stirred

I have a million other things going around in my head - I hope you deadline is not last week.

The photos I got over the Christchurch airport (the only undamaged area in ChCh) after the Darfield quake 

A public letter From mayor Kevin Hayes Kaikoura (just up the east coast from Christchurch) just 5 months before the quakes demanding to know what the lines in the sky were   There is a collection of these letters - 3 from memory. The Mayor was responded to with government BOLLOCKS, to which he himself replied Bollocks back

Also there is the MISSING DATA FROM METSERVICE that metservice shill ROSS MARSDEN tried to cover up stating the Japanese satellite that recorded NZ just happened to be down for maintenance on the day of the original quake (Darfield.)  This is not something we want to forget  if you look carefully, the 3-6am block is missing (same block the quake hit in). I wrote to Metservice and spent a year asking where this data was.  Marsden finally answered me one year later - making a mockery out of me on Clare swinnys Northland chemtrail blog.  You will find his comment to me about the japanese satellite somewhere over there. THIS IS IMPORTANT not to forget.

Here are the RAINBOW SKIES from above Christchurch airport  and a bunch of other interesting images like the sick carbon black skies 2 days after the quake. 

This is a note that appeared int he Nelson mail before Darfield quake - the chemtrailing over Marlborough and Tasman was becoming noticed by many

Toxic Kaikoura skies after the quake

These skies became 'normal'

Lets not forget the and on cue slapper - Killary herself.  She has a fascination for man made quakes it seems  Earthquakes dog Hillary Clinton on overseas trips

Oh and lets not forget the non lethal weapon use that was testd on activists on this subject.  Of course they are only talking about tasers and missing the microwave mind control aspects but there are plenty of articles on Stuff about this - they put this in in 2010  The US came over to teach our cops and military how to use them then fired on us until Kim dot com stepped in.

Rose the "Blue and red lights" in the video and photobucket shots are a deliberate hoax. I expended considerable time and effort on this one. AND I was awake and staring at the night sky on the date , time and place in question and saw nothing (and you know I'm a diligent UFO observer). The hoax (originally published April 1 2011 and then republished later) was accomplished by shining blue led torch beams and a laser pointer at a ceiling from a hillside home in Sumner and photographing the resulting window reflections.

I left comments on the profanitydubstep video but unfortunately the comments were deleted.


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