Community groups, farmers, doctors, scientists and individuals are actively working toward a complete ban of 1080 poison use in NZ

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Heres the NZ governments (N.A.I.T.) proposal for 1080 use for the coming year...


Documentary is difficult to watch. One can only speculate as to what is going on in the minds of the promoters of this toxin. Maybe the children of the promoters should view the material. Then they can ask, "daddy why are you doing this?" Who are these people? Maybe it should be dumped on their lawns and gardens, or in their cars. See what they think then.

Thanks for taking the time to look at what is happening in NZ Sam.  It's one of the most horrific and deliberate chemical attacks - that is visible to the NZ public.

Speaking about it in NZ gets your home raided without warrant and apparently without your knowledge!  I have met the pair that are in the following article.  They have a lovely organic cafe tucked away in Takaka. Their crime?  Allwowing activists to use their premises for quiet meetings.

Point taken.


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