Now I know why I start every email update with the reference: "Friends." So far this morning, I was flooded with email responses that were in 100% total agreement with my last "we are fucked" message. Total compassion, understanding and agreement.

In addition, I had to create a new email file with the so far, 7 or 8 people who immediately said they would love to join me in creating an EMF safe land base! I am only dreaming, and not sure how it would happen? It would require lawyers, architects, planners, and some large sums of money from venture capitalists. However at least the vision is brewing.

Make a cup of tea or coffee and sit back for just a few minutes. Let's continue. Hopefully from "we are fucked" we move to "we are fully educated" so we can take the right actions to protect ourselves, living a more healthy life. Stick with me here...each of these videos is short, to the point, important and provides a full education:

This is it! The absolute best video I have found so far. An absolute masterpiece of where we are going. You won't need me telling you "we are fucked," or any other opinions. It is all right here, plain and clear as can be. The only thing the video does not present are the gut/digestive issues, headaches, lowered sperm count, depression, anxiety and cancer the people are suffering from who are living in this "new ocean of microwave connectivity"...

Mobilizing Your World with AT&T

Here you go, totally innocent looking, fantastic technology, looks convenient and sincere. Complete and total 'prison camp' surveillance grid in the thin disguise of a "smart city"...

AT&T Smart Cities

Audi and AT&T Connected Car

Jason Silva, souled-out corporate whore, spouting off what appears to be intelligent, while doing nothing more than supporting the dumbing down of humanity, the end of intimacy and the furthering of the transhuman synthetic agenda...

Future of Human Communication

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