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just because lights made these circles doesn't mean it's not man made.
The bulk of these things are in the UK. That aside, they are made over a water table.

Wonder where we have heard that before?

Anyone who want s to PROVE otherwise, be my guest. Lights are not alien technology

I'm not saying they are not beautifully made but even this clip wouldn't convince me they have no man made element.

Just more mind fuck for the programed.

Easy Rose, (somebody go throw some meat at Rose). I didn't make up that title, look, it really is the title of the video

I don't even have opinions on most of this stuff, just thought it was interesting. What's a water table have to do with anything?

Nothing personal Snafu

Nothing I say is personal. It's just irritation.
I know we aren't alone and the crop circles are a head fark - aliens or computer generated - who knows.  Seen to many military sky operations over NZ, makes me a bit guarded

OK. I will.

I've spoken to some of the artists responsible for some of these creations in the past Snafu.

They are very talented teams of artists and keep working to outdo each other.

Some, ahem, even like to put up chinese lanterns while they work to give that authentic "aliens did it" flavour. Or launch little white balloons adrift in the daytime!

I think it's pretty general to say "crop circles are not man made". Some are genuinely out of the ordinary, and there are some interesting crop glyph phenomena that are obviously not made by the teams of artists , but by someone or something else. The fact that many of them are in the Salisbury region, close to Stonehenge AND, take note, next to a military restricted land area, might give a few clues as to a clandestine but earthly technology. And as always, beware of disinformation!

Here's an interesting variation:


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