Billionaire David Rockefeller Dies at Age 101

17:45 20.03.2017(updated 18:49 20.03.2017)
David Rockefeller has died at age 101.

David Rockefeller, banker and philanthropist, dies at 101

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Ding dong the witch is dead... or just taken over another body...

Another #WEBBOT hit! 

Always another bastard shit to take his place.

Dead? or just uploaded to the matrix!

The spirit lives on...  he will choose a different path next time. 

Entities never die

I wonder what time it was

Do they live this long because they eat organic healthy food and avoid allopathic medicines?

Him and his globalist connections probably have have their own little lab where they work on life extension technologies.  

cept they didn't extend quite far enuf Ted  How sad.

I bet he did too Jenny ... nice organic food, clean air, no vaccines, I'd bet my last dollar on that one.

After 8 heart's that could not work very long in that body of his,I doubt that he was on a healthy diet. I bet he indulged in every decadent delicacy he desired. That was how they lived.

I would bet it wasn't 11.11.  

I am surprised he didn't have his remains frozen for future regeneration through science.  


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