Accomplice? Just Hours After Las Vegas Shooting, Man Arrested with ...

Some have said that 43-year-old Scott Edmisten, who was arrested hours after the Las Vegas shooting for doing 55mph in a 30mph zone at 4am on Monday and found with a cache of weapons and ammo including fully automatic rifles, was possibly Stephen Paddock’s accomplice. So far it seems unlikely. Continue reading

Pedophilia Network of Cops Busted Raping and Filming Cadets to Make...

Louisville, KY — Officers Kenneth Betts and Brandon Wood, formerly with the Louisville Police Department, may have been able to fly under the radar of the mainstream media until now. But with recent court document revelations presented in court this week, their Continue reading

You Have Got To Watch This Video – The Corruption In Washington D.C...

The video that you are about to watch shows exactly why we need to “drain the swamp”.  In Washington D.C. it is all about the money, and those that don’t play by the rules get punished severely.  But if we don’t start to fight back against this corruption, we will never have a chance to turn our nation in a positive direction.  I want to go to Washington and Continue reading

VIDEO: Automatic Gunfire Heard at Ground Level During Las Vegas Mas..." alt="2017-10-01_2307" width="571" height="331"/>

As the possibility that the Las Vegas mass shooting was some sort of false flag operation increases on an hourly basis, new video has emerged that seems to directly contain audio confirmation that a shooter was firing an automatic weapon from ground level. Continue reading

WATCH: NBC News Caught Selectively Editing Evidence Of Multiple Sho...

NBC News is the latest mainstream media network to come under fire amid accusations of selective editing. This time, it involves a video from a witness during the Las Vegas shooting that raises questions about the presence of multiple shooters. Continue reading

“Multiple shooters” reported by an Australian man staying in the ro...

(Natural News) In what is sure to fuel even more speculation and intrigue surrounding the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, an Australian man in the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel the night of the attack is claiming there was more than one person firing on the crowd of 22,000 attending a country music festival 400 feet below. Continue reading

Christian Medical Professional & Pregnant Wife Arrested, Childr...

A Huntington dentist and his pregnant wife have been arrested in Dubois County, Indiana and are facing neglect and confinement charges for trying to be responsible parents in dealing with their eldest adopted daughter who made threats of murdering the family. Continue reading

Congressmen Exposing Secret Army Program of Spraying Radioactive Ch...

According to Army records, thousands of innocent Americans were subjected to poisonous chemicals through open-air spraying, ingestion and injection. Continue reading

YouTube moves to shut down all independent media coverage of Las Ve...

(Natural News) If you’ve been wondering whether the official story of how events transpired in the Las Vegas shooting was actually based in truth, wonder no more: YouTube has taken a bold move to shut down all independent media video coverage of the Mandalay Bay Massacre in a last ditch, desperate attempt to control the narrative. Continue reading

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Eyewitness: There Were “Four to Five” Shoot..." alt="vegas" width="523" height="331"/>

As the official narrative surrounding the deadliest mass shooting in American history continues to unravel, multiple eyewitness accounts are starting to trickle in, with the latest being an extremely shocking and detailed account of an operation that included up to five Continue reading

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The swamp is the Jewish AIPAC control of D.C.


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