Debunking the Myth of Canned Food Expiration Dates

"For instance, a fascinating study published in the Journal of Food Science reported on canned food that was analyzed from the Steamboat Bertrand, which sank over 100 years before, in 1865. The findings? National Food Processors Association (NFPA) chemists detected no microbial growth. Furthermore, they determined that the foods were as safe to eat as when they had been canned over 100 years earlier.

The chemists added that while significant amounts of vitamins C and A were lost, protein levels remained high, and all calcium values “were comparable to today’s products.”

In yet another study, NFPA chemists also analyzed a 40-year-old can of corn found in the basement of a home in California. Again, the canning process had kept the corn safe from contaminants and from much nutrient loss. In addition, the chemists said the kernels looked and smelled like recently canned corn."

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Hmmm . . . What about the GMO factor?

It's all down to Food And Drug Regulations. Manufaturers/packers must by law put an expiry date on these things, plus there's the "cover thine ass" factor. Someone opens a can of food that's been sitting in the pantry for ten years, gets sick (coincidentally or otherwise) and guess who's getting sued if there's no expiry stated?

Bear in mind also that a modern can is generally very different from one manufactured fifty years or more ago, and that once opened, the product must IMMEDIATELY be removed from the can (tin, aluminium or whatever alloy) if you are not planning to eat it all straight away.

Other thoughts: I wonder how much radiation a can absorbs? After being subjected to nuke radaition or excessive RF a can might practically glow in the dark, dunno...?

bet theres some metal poisoning though ,also bet todays cans are worse that yester years  .to me ,everything from a can tastes like a can .but yeah ,we had no expiration dates on them when i was a kid .

The cans from yesteryear contained lead and arsenic, which is why they are an aluminium alloy these days, not tin!

We have swapped lead/arsenic for good ole bi- phenol containing plastic linings inside, which are endocrine disrupters.  So much for progress.

Old poisons for new Bazza!

This is why I say, remove the contents as soon as you open to consume.

Given a choice between the old and the new, I'd take my chances with endocrine disruptors over lead and arsenic!


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