Did The All Blacks Use Stolen AIG Money To Win The Rugby World Cup?

Did The All Blacks Use Stolen AIG Money To Win The Rugby World Cup?
November 6 2015 | From: DailyCommie

The short answer is yes. AIG was bailed out during the staged 2008 Global Financial Crisis with money stolen from US tax payers - 1000’s of whom ended up homeless.

$182 billion stolen in total, straight out of the pockets of struggling middle class American tax payers. Theft on a grand scale.

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A miniature Holocaust of types that ruined lives and destroyed families right across the US and even in NZ where 10’s of thousands of elderly hard working Kiwis lost their entire savings funds.

Jewish [Zionist] owned AIG took the stolen money, gave all their top Jewish executives bonuses worth 10’s of millions of dollars – and then promptly showed up in New Zealand with bags of that stolen money and sponsored the NZ All Blacks.

If they had any pride at all- they would have turned down that money.

What sort of message does it send to future generations when the All Blacks take stolen money to try and win a Cup?

Is this what the NZ youth should strive for? Winning at any cost, even if it means stealing money and ruining the lives of others?

We now have the NZ Black Caps players bribing and fixing matches- and the All Blacks using stolen money to show off their skills.

This is what happens to the morals of a Nation that gets taken over by the Global Banking Mafia – the fish starts rotting from the head down.

"The story of American International Group explains the larger catastrophe not because this was the biggest corporate bailout in history but because AIG’s collapse and subsequent rescue involved nearly all the critical elements, including delusion and deception.

These financial dealings are monstrously complicated, but this account focuses on something mere mortals can understand - moral confusion in high places, and the failure of governing institutions to fulfill their obligations to the public.”

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Dear Commie:

Please do us all a favour and stop breathing the air, stop eating the food, stop drinking the tap water, all polluted by the friends of AIG.

ConTrail moderators... if this Scheiss article is not removed I'm outta here.

EVP: While I agree with your sentiments for the most part, we do believe in freedom of speech here as long as it's not actually obscene or abusive. If you don't like the post, ignore it or provide some constructive criticism perhaps?

Personally I think this article assumes guilt by association. The All Blacks are a sports team, not politicians (though one could argue they are also role models).

While I couldn't care less if someone else with admin superpowers wants to shut this post down, I'm happy to let it stand, whether I agree with it or not.

Basically, the truth is, as far as i could find out when AIG came on the scene, AIG was used as the conduit for the big end of the banking world to steal vast sums of public money. Some of the stolen cash was returned, and this was made very public, but vast amounts were not returned, and in my opinion, money is still being stolen wholesale, and this is kept hidden.
EvonP, please don't go. I agree, the accusation of Jews is deplorable. But we are adults here, and we can cope with the problem of sorting the wheat from the chaff

When AIG was introduced to the ABs as a sponsor, i was posting on AllBlacks.com, with a personal mission to accentuate the positive values of the national sport, at the same time, have some fun. I researched AIG a bit, and yes, the CEO is Jewish, and he reportedly owns large winegrowing estates in the conquered territories of Bosnia, hopefully not too contaminated by radioactive dust from "depleted uranium" munitions, used there by the tools of the military-industrial complex, of which AIG is just a branch, no more, no less.

So i blogged straight away, that AIG was just handing back money that they stole from us, the people, and i do believe this to be the case. Within a short time, the public blogsite on Allblacks.com was closed down. It must be said in fairness, it was a drunk and disorderly blogsite, not in keeping with the affectations of sponsors who are accustomed to hundred-dollar bottles of wine and crystal chandeliers. And slaves.

the article is confused in its presentation of what are important historical facts, and desperately need to be properly organised and exposed

The article is childish, a piece of truth stretched to accentuate the idea of corruption. To clumsily throw mud at the reputation of the team when the NZRB is a more appropriate target. But what led me to the "Oh NOOOOO!!!!" moment was the photo with the 3 players making the satan symbol. That is unfortunate. Perhaps an insider could report to us if this was an indication of internal matters in the team, or merely private individuals showing their preference. I would expect a public photo of the AB's to pose a haka stance or raised thumb, or fist.  

I dislike the article intensely, but I am man enough to see it for what it is and heed the truth within the excrement and go my way sorrowfully shaking my head. Thank you for posting it so I can face up to the truth.

This is a wake-up-call for decent people to now insist on local sponsorship of rugby and tell these crooks to take their blood money elsewhere. At bottom is a failure of decent people to educate their fellows on the insidious corruption that has planted itself in this country. I do not patronize AIG, and I trust those that do, will now look for a better principled alternative.


thanks Rose, for tidying up

One very important matter, messily alluded to in the article, is the theft of NZ peoples' money. This is a topic that we all need to study more, where JonKey allegedly helped destroy the value of NZers savings. Following this, his vampire masters apparently gave him a big war-chest, to bring back home and conquer this country. With money. Packaged as the fortune of a smart, hardworking businessman, raised out of the hopeless squalor of suburban sub-nuclear family oblivion, by his own efforts. Yeah, right

drumrolls, violins

Regarding the "Satan symbol" (goathorns hand gesture), a lot of people use it without actually understanding what it means. They see politicians and rock stars use the gesture and just imitate, which is unfortunate.

A few years ago I was horrified to see a TV presenter teaching it to some youngsters, earnestly explaining it meant "Rock and Roll".Ooops, wrong!

I would bet none of the team would know anything about stolen money, this is the first I've heard about it! most would probably know AIG is an insurance company, but I wouldn't even bet on that...

I was disappointed to read the AB's were being sponsored to the tune of millions of dollars by an insurance company when people in Christchurch were still waiting for their homes to be repaired 4 yrs after the earthquake...supposedly because the Insurers had not enough cash for such a large disaster.

On another note what is the Satan sign that was mentioned? Surely if the AB's are in league with Satan they wouldn't have any need for money to win would they? 

Well said Clyde

the photo posted is from the 2011 world cup anyway, Before the All Blacks were sponsored by AIG!


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