Did The All Blacks Use Stolen AIG Money To Win The Rugby World Cup?

Did The All Blacks Use Stolen AIG Money To Win The Rugby World Cup?
November 6 2015 | From: DailyCommie

The short answer is yes. AIG was bailed out during the staged 2008 Global Financial Crisis with money stolen from US tax payers - 1000’s of whom ended up homeless.

$182 billion stolen in total, straight out of the pockets of struggling middle class American tax payers. Theft on a grand scale.

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A miniature Holocaust of types that ruined lives and destroyed families right across the US and even in NZ where 10’s of thousands of elderly hard working Kiwis lost their entire savings funds.

Jewish [Zionist] owned AIG took the stolen money, gave all their top Jewish executives bonuses worth 10’s of millions of dollars – and then promptly showed up in New Zealand with bags of that stolen money and sponsored the NZ All Blacks.

If they had any pride at all- they would have turned down that money.

What sort of message does it send to future generations when the All Blacks take stolen money to try and win a Cup?

Is this what the NZ youth should strive for? Winning at any cost, even if it means stealing money and ruining the lives of others?

We now have the NZ Black Caps players bribing and fixing matches- and the All Blacks using stolen money to show off their skills.

This is what happens to the morals of a Nation that gets taken over by the Global Banking Mafia – the fish starts rotting from the head down.

"The story of American International Group explains the larger catastrophe not because this was the biggest corporate bailout in history but because AIG’s collapse and subsequent rescue involved nearly all the critical elements, including delusion and deception.

These financial dealings are monstrously complicated, but this account focuses on something mere mortals can understand - moral confusion in high places, and the failure of governing institutions to fulfill their obligations to the public.”

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It's not surprising that there were some violent responses to this, perhaps from the blinkered rugby-heads.

This article was sent to me by Greg Hallett, one who is not known for dealing in minor controversies.

So go figure.

Personally I don't give two hoots about rugby or any other ball-kicking/throwing activities, so I don't qualify as a "Rugby-head", however, I respect the fact that Rugby is NZ's national sport, and like soccer in the Uk, it's almost a religion to some.

In that context, the article came across to me an attempt to pour cold water on the All Blacks victory by digging up whatever dirt could be found. I repeat that my earlier statement that the All Blacks are a sports team, not politicians. I wonder how many of the team are educated in the dirty doings of AIG? How many provincial rugby teams are sponsored/supported via grants from the "pokies" ie gambling money stolen from families via gambling addiction?

I think the article was shooting in the wrong direction and deliberately inflammatory. I doubt it will win Hallet too many friends or supporters.

All though he could write a great book on how to alienate your audience

My opinion for what it's worth.

I could not give two hoots about rugby either.

I think the article asks people to consider things from a different standpoint, and yes it is challenging and confronting.

It seems only those who are die hard rugby fans and who don't see how far the octopus goes would be offended by this.

Cold hard facts are that AIG has dirty money and they are sponsors. Most teams are in the same situation, and so why should shining a torch on this particular situation be such a national offense on this rugby crazed [distracted] nation?

It's all Bread and Circus.

And I do not think Hallett wrote the article himself - and being who he is he shure as hell would not give a shit if it rubbed people up the wrong way. If you are familiar with his material that is self evident.


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