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Friends, after all the research and all my emails, do you still carry your cell phone with you? If the answer is yes, just take a breath and really ask yourself why?

This statement from the article below is rather true for many of us: "Like I said earlier, most people believe what they want to believe, and most people want to believe that their cell phones are not doing any significant harm to them."

The denial, on every level, regarding wireless radiation must end.


Cell Phones Are Cooking Our Reproductive Organs And Causing An Epidemic Of Cancer


Cancer rates are absolutely exploding in the western world, and more than $100,000,000,000is spent on cancer drugs each year.

Cell phones certainly are not entirely to blame for this explosion of cancer.  The truth is that we are systematically being poisoned by our food, our water, our vaccines and our air.  Electromagnetic radiation is all around us, and our environment is becoming more toxic by the day.

If you are an American, there is a 1 in 3 chance that you will get cancer during your lifetime.  If you are a man, the odds are closer to 1 in 2.

But back in the 1940s, only one out of every 16 Americans developed cancer.

In the 1970s, it was one out of every ten Americans.

So what has changed?

Almost all of us know someone that is battling cancer right now, and this epidemic is getting worse with each passing year.  It is a silent plague that is slowly crippling our nation, and the medical industry is making a killing off of our pain and misery.  For much more on all of this, please see my previous article entitled “The Big Business Of Cancer: 100 BILLION Dollars Was Spent On Cancer...“.

Because our environment has become so incredibly toxic, there are no easy solutions to this crisis.

But one thing that we can all do is to stop carrying around cell phones in our pockets all day long.

That is a start at least.

Sadly, most people will not even make this one small change.

Like I said earlier, most people believe what they want to believe, and most people want to believe that their cell phones are not doing any significant harm to them.

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A good reminder and there is a compromise: I take mine with me (when I go off island) but I don't switch it on, so its just in case I need to find out something important and when you switch it on you find out if anyone has called you in the meantime and can decide if you have to call them back, or can wait.

I've done this for a long time, except if I'm working and need to be in constant touch, partly because I hate the bloody thing ringing, always at the wrong time and interrupting me. It feels invasive, to me at least.

What's a cellphone?

Mr. Spock: "Portable High Frequency Electro Magnetic Radiation Transmitter And Receiver Device" (PHFEMRTARD) "Eh...Jim. The Klingons affectionally call it a Retard...its life Jim, but not as we know it" 

Aaaah! One of those things that goes "beep" and you speak into it, like "Beam me up Scotty!".

Now I understand: another scifi invention made reality by a trekkie who thinks, "I'm gonna get a job in Silicon Valley and build them things for real".

"Cap'n, if ye don't switch off yer cellphone in ten seconds, yer brain'll burrn up!"


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