Does anybody know what these are? No planes, taken over Nelson

They aren't photoshopped. They're genuine. 

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They might be using cloaking tech Danielle, this is a real possibility.

Some think that drones are used to spray as well but I'm not up on that, whatever it is doing the spraying has to have some kind of tank for the fuel/chemtrail mix.

Yes, I have no idea CP. We'll see if anybody knows. I'm not up with the cloaking myself either. 

Yes well its not like they admit to it but I know for sure its something they have been working on an awful long time. This is my favourite go to article from 2011, as you probably know, once MIT are admitting to it then the its something the MOD have been working at for at least 40 years.

I've seen many articles published this year about this technology but right now it eludes me.

Yes had heard that too CP. The 40 yr thing. Prob heard it here 

Someone at FB's suggested invisible also. I saw a man the other day in a vid with a large plastic square of 'cloth' which when he held it up in front of himself, you couldn't see him, only what was behind him. Same thing I suppose. Interesting tho that these are circles and different colours so there is something there & not invisible just what tho.

Actually looking at the image again, the circles look like they could almost be lights on either wingtip of a large aircraft which has been obscured from sight somehow.

Like the "red" wing is still spraying and the "white" wing has almost run out.

Just a thought.

Lucille reckons they're chembombs CP.

Those are Port and Starboard wingtip marker lights. This pic was taken at night so the aircraft itself would not be reflecting sunlight. many planes these days have dark undersides especially military planes, One trail appears brighter due to the oblique viewing angle.

If they were cloaking the marker lights wouldn't show!

Occam's Razor: The simplest answer.

(I've observed hundreds of aircraft at all angles at all times of day and night so I'm not just speculating)

Thanks Martin. Hmm so not chem bombs you reckon? Elana's taken a look & responding to Lucille's thoughts replied 'you are thinking of plasma orbs directed by the laptop boys. That is my guess here, unless this is a new cloaking / hologram method.'

Very intriguing all of it. 

Occam's Razor is a new term for me, just googled it thanks : )

Another issue I have with the "cloaking' theory is that the trails are visible, so what would be the point of cloaking?. There are several methods of contrail surpression available for stealth ops (B2 Spirit and the old SR71 used an "altitude adjust" alert, but certain chemicals added to the aircraft exhaust can make trails invisible to the naked eye).

Cloaking tech involves bending light around the aircraft, resulting in a "mirage" or ghostlike effect. 

I still go with William of Occam on this one!

Yeah, I think you are right Martin...didn't read the timestamp properly and thought it said 9.45am. At 9.45pm you wouldn't see the outline of the plane.

I'm pretty sure I've seen (or not seen I should say) cloaking effects on a chemtrail craft. The thing stopped spraying and disappeared before my eyes in midday sun. And theres a whole lot of other stuff I saw over Whangarei Heads a few years back. Recently confirmed by someone I met who did night shift around that time.

A local lady came to me few months back after hanging out the washing on one of those rare cloudless/trail free days, she had a rectangular shadow hover over the grass for 10-15minutes then vanish. About 4 x 3 meters she reckoned.

Yes some of the logic of using cloaking tech when theres not any point is true, with all I've seen and heard round here it does make me think this area is a bit of a testing ground. Ufo sightings round here for decades, funny what locals and insomniacs tell you.

Several years ago, Nicky's sister lived in Turangi, and one day on the lake shore, she stood with a crowd of tourists watching a strange bubble=shaped distortion in the sky. She said it was clearly a hovering vehicle, and that I mimicked the sky "like a chameleon". When it had attracted enough attention, it just shot straight up at tremendous speed until it was out of sight. I reckon this was a public test of a cloaking device, probably using a drone. They wanted to see how long it would take for a small crowd of unaware people to take notice.

"certain chemicals added to the aircraft exhaust can make trails invisible to the naked eye)."  which would explain those very short trails I guess Martin that hang just behind the aircraft.


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