Does anybody know what these are? No planes, taken over Nelson

They aren't photoshopped. They're genuine. 

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Yep heard that one decades ago, that theres something in all the aviation fuel. Perhaps the deliberate trails have a different forming certain types of clouds.

After the oil pipe break a few months back (no flights for a week up here), it wasn't just that there was no trailing the colour of the sky changed completely like it was like the 80s...though we know they were actively modifying the weather back then. But we didn't have the sheer number of flights and I understand they deliberately made air travel more accessible with this agenda in mind.

From what we see on the radars it appears they set off chembombs from the Tasman and probably Antarctic too. Sure looks that way to me anyhow, so its not necessary to modify the weather only from spraying.

Anyway, not sure if its coming across well but I'm trying to make a logical conclusion here.

very interesting thoughts there CP. As I may have already said I've lost touch a bit over the past 12 months. And about that time was becoming aware of the bombs. INteresting bout your skies too & the agenda of accessible air travel.

We witnessed a planeless spray yesterday over the West coast of Kahurangi (golden bay).

Yesterday was an all out assault only to leave the stain of lenticular clouds in the evening sky. No rain and I want you to ask yourself, this drought that Katipo set up for us... how come they continue to burn us when their 'wonderful geo fix' could solve the issue.

Katipo then Rose? Makes sense I guess. OUr grass is like tinder here and has been for a good month or more now. The usual for Feb more like. 

I hope everyone here has checked this out some idea of what may actually be going on further up there.

Thought I'd link the Soren Dreier page rather than the Jeff Rense You Tube one, at least if YT block Rense the photos are linked to the site.

I Remember these pics being featured in Uncensored Magazine about 7 or 8 years back, and there were YT videos that the guy had taken. They are mostly spy satellites which can be bigger than you might expect. Some of the old Russian nuclear powered satellites were the size of rail carriages! One has to ask how they got such monstrousites into orbit?

Thanks for that Martin, yes its obvious theres a lot going on up there we have no idea about. I think he's the same guy that came up with footage of what people have assumed is mining on the moon, or moon bases.

Hard to know what truly up there, we have such a mix of info and disinfo. John Lenard Walsh says hes been targeted like crazy though, whatever he's onto brought visits from the Chinooks. 


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