Dozens of NSW Police Facing Serious Criminal Charges MOREREAD MOREDozens of NSW Police Facing Serious Criminal Charges

It has been reported that over 50 NSW police officers are facing a range of serious criminal charges, including sexual assault, child rape, domestic assault and perjury.

The details, obtained under freedom of information laws, suggest that 32 of NSW police officers facing charges have been suspended, while 21 remain on active duty. Retired Assistant Police Commissioner Clive Small was surprised by the number and seriousness of the charges, saying the revelations affect public confidence in the police force.


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drop in the bucket

Guess cops are much the same all over the world,huh?Cops,politicians, CEO's,priests and rabbis=sociopaths

they tend to talk, drink and live with their own kind, mainly.
Here in Golden Bay they are awesome


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