Dr. Tim Ball Crushes Climate Change: The Biggest Deception in History

Found on Fascist Book - this is from the 2016 Archives.

With a 50-year academic career focusing on Historical Climatology, Dr. Tim Ball is uniquely qualified to address man-made climate change, and he demonstrates that it is a flat-out hoax. Thinking people everywhere should get multiple copies of this book and hand them out to everyone they know.  TN Editor

President Trump was correct to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. He could have explained that the science was premeditated and deliberately orchestrated to demonize CO2 for a political agenda. Wisely, he simply explained that it was a bad deal for the United States because it gave a competitive economic edge to other nations, especially China. A majority of Americans think he was wrong, but more would disagree if he got lost in the complexities of the science. I speak from experience having taught a Science credit course for 25 years for the student population that mirrors society with 80 percent of them being Arts students. Promoters of what is called anthropogenic global warming (AGW) knew most people do not understand the science and exploited it.

The plants need more atmospheric CO2 not less. Current levels of 400 parts per million (ppm) are close to the lowest levels in 600 million years. This contradicts what the world was told by people using the claim that human production of  CO2 was causing global warming. They don’t know the UN agency, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), established to examine human-caused global warming, were limited to only studying human causes by the definition they were given by Article 1 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It is impossible to identify the human cause without understanding and including natural causes. Few know that CO2 is only 4 percent of the total greenhouse gases. They assume that a CO2 increase causes a temperature increase. It doesn’t, in every record the temperature increases before CO2. The only place where a CO2 increase causes a temperature increase is in the computer models of the IPCC. This partly explains why every single temperature forecast (they call them projections) the IPCC made since 1990 was wrong. If your forecast is wrong, your science is wrong.

I studied weather as aircrew with the Canadian Air Force, including five years of search and rescue in Arctic Canada. After the Air Force, I went to university to study weather and climate, culminating in a Ph.D., in Historical Climatology from the University of London, England. When I began in the late 1960s global cooling was the consensus. I was as opposed to the prediction that it would continue cooling to a mini-Ice Age, as I later was to the runaway AGW claim. I knew from creating and studying long-term records that climate changes all the time and are larger and more frequent than most know. I also knew changes in CO2 were not the cause.

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There are a lot of reasons for our present climate and the least of them are from factories and vehicles.  I agree there is an exploitation of the CO2 issue for special interest goals like taxes.  However the elephants in the room are geoengineering and the cosmic events going on in our solar system.  It should be obvious that constantly changing our skies with hazing trails left by air traffic would have an effect on our climate, especially when you combine this with technologies like HAARP. Additionally, check out what JPL and NASA say about all the planets going through a change at this time in our solar system.  Our solar system is passing through the equatorial plain of our galaxy. Our solar system is encountering cosmic clouds of dust and plasma that are most likely responsible for these changes.

Believe what you want about Trump, however what he did at the climate conference was the right thing to do.  What I don’t get is that too many people don’t get that we live in one heck of a lying culture.  Our governments lie to us like there is no tomorrow.  Our media is made up of a bunch lying puppets spewing out whatever the puppet masters tell them to say.  We lie to one another because of ego, fear, and everything in between.

The internet offers both truth and lies and sometimes it takes a little work to discern what is real.  Do some work or research to get a more realistic view of what is going on with our weather.  The above reference book is an excellent place to start.

Think Rain Forest Devastation has much to do here....? Trees/plants do act as a carbon sink and in return give off O2. Besides stopping deforestation we as a species should replant in those areas and others to Green the Planet!

Agree with both of you. Add in the hydrological impact of deforestation and geoengineering and its a mess up there.

Goldman/Sachs can't wait to oversee administration of Carbon Credits.This scam could rival the Federal reserve

We pay carbon credits here George and have for years - it's coming to you and nothing anyone says is going to change that.

God bless you.

As long as CO2 is being discussed instead of dirty smoke from factories, massive chemical poisoning and invisible pollution like HAARP, this stupid denial of climate change goes around in circles trying to confuse people. Please discuss the real issues.


Geoengineering has it's own page at the Guardian. Last entry is by David Keith, 17 Match 2017, titled: Fear of geoengineering is healthy - but don't distort our reseach.

David Keith's hypocrisy is blood curdling.

Volunteers in India planted more than 66 million trees in just 12 hours in a record-breaking environmental drive.

About 1.5 million people were involved in the huge plantation campaign, in which saplings were placed along the Narmada river in the state of Madhya Pradesh throughout Sunday.

India committed under the Paris Agreement to increasing its forests by five million hectares before 2030 to combat climate change.


Last year volunteers in Uttar Pradesh state set a world record by planting more than 50 million trees in one day. 


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