Elana Freeland ~ Under an Ionised Sky ~ Los Angeles & Santa Cruz Book Tour Schedule

February 7 - 12

Elana Freeland is a writer, ghost-writer, speaker, storyteller and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.  She is best known for Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth (Feral House 2014) and the newly released "Under An Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown" (Feral House, 2018).

Elana will be book signing at the venues posted below.

Freeland’s undergraduate degree was in creative writing with a second major in biology. Her Master of Arts degree from St. John’s College concentrated on historiography. She lives in Olympia, Washington.  

Los Angeles

TALK #1 - LA

Thursday, 2/8: available: morning, afternoon

2/8 - 7 PM: LA CRESCENTA CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING (Science of Mind Church) 4845 Dunsmore Ave., La Crescenta, CA 91214


TALK #2 - LA

Fri, 2/9 available morning, afternoon

Fri, 2/9. Conscious Life Expo 7pm – 7:45 

Atmospheric Pollution Solutions 


TALK #3 - LA

Sat, 2/10 available morning, afternoon

Sat, 2/10 - 7 PM: Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, 90230. Located just south of Venice Blvd. Between Ramada Inn and Catholic Bookstore. Free. Donations accepted. Free parking behind building.

For Info : Joe drschwa@gmail.com. Also LASkywatch.com



Sunday, 2/11 - 7 PM – 9:30  THE SUBUD CENTER 3800 Old San Jose Road, Soquel, CA 95073.   No charge. Donations welcome. Free parking behind the building.

Info :brtanner@brucetanner.info


Monday, 2/12: available for an interview in Santa Cruz or San Jose: morning, early afternoon

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Al the best Elana! I pre-ordered the book on Amazon, to be downloaded on February 15th. Reading Chris Everard's Star Gods till then.

Good stuff Cat. ♥

Talk #1 done, more to go!

Thanks for what you are doing Elana...sure helps to have you out there doing this..Most appreciated! <3

Thanks for the reminder Rose, time to start buying these books and getting it out there...people cant argue with this level of research.

Couple of links for shopping inspiration.

Free shipping at booktopia.com till Feb14th with promo code BIRTHDAY.

https://www.booktopia.com.au/search.ep?author=Elana Freeland

Book Depository, ships free from the UK to NZ. Paperback on preorder. I prefer to shop with small independent stores but they are good if you are a bit skint.



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