In 2002 I became so sensitized to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) I couldn't use a cell phone, a computer....I couldn't even use an ordinary wired telephone without feeling pain. I tried everything. It seemed nothing worked.
Over time I developed my own common-sense method of dealing with EMFs. I now live normally again.

If you want to live normally again there are some things you MUST understand....

Firstly and most importantly the magic bullet....THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET.
There is no magic pill, no chip, diode, neutralizer or harmonizer you can buy which will suddenly make EMFs safe.

It's true there's a growing market in chips, diodes and neutralizers. Things you stick on your phone, put next to your WiFi router, stand in the corner of your living room which are supposed to make EMFs safe. There's a growing market because more and more people are realising that their health is being compromised by electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It's not because these devices necessarily work.

Chips, diodes, pendants, neutralizers and harmonizers should NOT form the basis of your approach to dealing with EMFs.
Because unless you can actually feel EMFs (what's commonly called electrical sensitivity) these devices will lull you into a false sense of security. And even if you are electrically sensitive, your body might fool you into thinking the device is protecting you in some way - more about this another time.
Relying on chips, diodes, pendants, and the like can be dangerous. Why?
Let me explain: you buy the device. Then you gradually become less and less careful about how and when you use your cell phone, about WiFi.... in short you increase your EMF exposure, thinking (mistakenly) that you are safe. If you're lucky you start to feel symptoms, perhaps prickly skin, perhaps a hot head when you spend too much time on your cell phone .....and you realise that the device is not offering you the protection you thought it was.
If you're not so lucky, you experience a gradual decline in health, perhaps difficulty sleeping, weight gain, lack of energy....which you don't particularly notice or attribute to anything. Except old age.
The risk being, that one day this transforms into something else entirely.
The link between EMF exposures and a long list of very serious diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, suicide, epilepsy and even cancer, to name just a few, are becoming abundantly clear.
I say again: EMF pendants, chips, diodes and the like are NOT where your focus should be.
Avoidance and protection is the name of the game. 

To know what EMFs to avoid and what degree of protection you need, an EMF meter is a MUST HAVE.
You've heard the expression 'seeing is believing'.

This has never been truer than with EMFs.

Because when you've got an EMF meter in your hand and it's buzzing and flashing away showing you EXACTLY what you are exposing yourself to every day, all day, its EASY to take action and deal with those EMFs.

I honestly recommend that you buy the best meter you can afford (within reason) because no meter will be as sensitive as you are.

An excellent choice for your first EMF meter is the Cornet ED88T.
There are 3 reasons I recommend this EMF meter:
  • because it can measure radio frequency radiation from WiFi and cell towers etc., but it can also measure magnetic fields and electric fields
  • it's got very good sensitivity for the price
  • it's easy to operate
It might not be the cheapest EMF meter on the market but it offers good value for money.
If you haven't already got an EMF meter - get one NOW.
My EMF PROTECTION FREE REPORT outlines the best way to start dealing with EMFs. 
I make no outrageous claims. My advice is based on solid, tried and tested methods. These methods are widely recognized. And most importantly - they WORK.

If you missed my Free Report the first time you can download it in full again here
Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!

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I thought to by a Blueshield protector. Apparently they work?

They come under neutralizers. 

The bluesheild does supposedly stop the blood composition changes observed when exposed to high frequency radio waves. I think it changes the way the body reacts to the radiation rather than actually put up any kind of barrier which makes sense.

I had the portable one as I did a lot of work with large electronics/high power sources but I gave it to my mother in law when my girlfriend (In Sweden) decided she needed it more than me, as you do...she is still alive too...

Went to buy some stick on LED lights for the pantry in my new house yesterday and found one that looked ok at Mitre 10. Was looking to see if it mentioned how long the batteries last and all it said was "6 months on standby", I thought that was a strange way to put it as it would either be on or off?

Then I saw another package with two of them and a remote. Ahh! It all made sense. I enquired further and found out that yes, the bloody thing puts out a constant blue tooth type radiation as soon as you put in the batteries!

Perfect, if you sell batteries and convenience but don't understand radiation...I put it back and learned a lesson: You now need to study labels on EVERYTHING, not just food, if you don't want to be part of the experiment.

Thanks Gerry, that's interesting.

Thanks for the tip - was quiet keen to look at led strip lighting for the veranda, over it now.  Just the mention of a Bluetooth type frequency was enough to stop that dead in it's tracks.

I'm not sure how blue shield works even though I have one and did the research - I know when I measure the incoming microwave frequency with the acoustimeter, it shows no electronic change.  If or how or it works in the aether isn't something I've figured out yet.

Much of the stuff out there available for EMR/F is placebo.  I don't doubt placebo is a powerful healing mechanism (Biology of Belief) and if peeps want to pay $300+ for their plug in placebo, it's safer than the quick fixes and poisons big pharma sell us.

Reality - it takes a lot of research and work to protect your families and friends in this arena.  Not to be taken lightly but well worth the effort - and this is one of those subjects that deserve that effort.  Many of the solutions are actually quiet easy.

This does not apply to all LED Rose, they don't put out any rads of this type per se.

Its just this one was sold singly but also designed to be able to be used in a "smart lighting" type situation where an ordinary remote (which these stick on ones don't normally do) might not be enough, like maybe you could change the color temp (blue level) also.

So like a smart phone it would be constantly looking for a connection and thats why the batteries had a finite life. I don't know for a fact that the rads from it are harmful, just that it would add up if you have a lot of things enabled like this.

You do in this new IToT age have to check this on all appliances and that this function can be switched off, I was just surprised that even a $5 stick on light has this in it, and the fact that it was so enabled was not clearly stated on the packet.

Since there was no provision to switch it off, with the only thing stated on the packet being a finite batt life of 6 months (With NO use at all, on something that with infrequent short use would otherwise last years) it must be transmitting continuously.


Thanks - understood


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