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Deborah Tavares (stopthecrime.net) is back in the alternative news!! Beginning with an interview she did with Jeff Rense in 2015, we learn that Deborah and family were recently force-evacuated from their home in Northern California now scorched and burned.

PG&E-California Public Utilities Commission Email Thread: Discussion of AI-Controlled Satellite-Based Solar/EMR-Powered Laser Space Weapon Targeting Northern California, Particularly Sebastopol, Ground Zero of Northern California Rebellion Against "Smart" Utility Meters/Advanced Metering/AMI-2015
US Patent No. 9346563-AI-Controlled, Solar/EMR-Powered Laser Space Weapon-2015
Installed "Smart" Utility Meters, with Their Already Existing Capacity for Fires and Explosions, Could Be Used as Targeted Solar/EMR Laser Flashpoints

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Holy crap. It just keeps getting more inane.

Insane is right. Say No to smart metres and 5G.


the death star

In the ideal scenario the cells would initially function as an orbiting solar generator for a city. A beam of microwave energy, perhaps five miles wide, is generated by a geostationary orbiting solar generator. PG&E is producing one system now. (from patent. Meaning it's already built, as Deborah Tavares had stated)

Another aspect of the present invention is to combine the discharging of multiple cells into the death star and create a non-nuclear weapon of mass destruction.

Another aspect of the present invention is to direct several cells' microwave energy onto a target, thus, the heat can be turned up gradually.

The Navy calls its futuristic weapon LAWS, which stands for the Laser Weapon Systems. What looks like a small telescope is actually a weapon that can track a moving target and fire a steady laser beam strong enough to burn a hole through steel.

yep ...and theyre still installing them ...and still wont remove mine ....even with their extortion fee ,236$ once ,51$ monthly here ,they will just give you another crappy smartmeter ...they just claim one of the 2-3 radios is off ...they never do talk about that transmitting zigbee chip inside either .......way too many coincidences to think this is ALL just  greed  and incompetence...someone somewhere KNOWS they are for creating sickness,depopulation ,and strategic house fires in my opinion

Tried this for info on what could be done deanna. inpowermovement.com/faq


I managed to shut off the 5G on my recently replaced leased modem - I didn't know the new one was going to be dual band (2.4 and 5G), only that increased speed was offered and my old one was constantly dropping out.  New modem still drops out frequently, even though ISP insists they see no drop outs - but they have told me that frequent power spikes damage modems quickly. Power surges and even just flickering lights are frequent here and "mysterious" electrical problems constantly occur.   Light bulbs in certain fixtures burn out in 4 weeks. More concerned about fire than a DEW, but one never knows.

So, on to the next possible culprit - the smart meter.  That will be more difficult to change living far out in the county, and possibly expensive. I can hear the opposition's arguments already.

Thanks for the links. Preparing for the battle.



You bought into 5G?

Not intentionally. It's disabled now.

As I said, I didn't know the replacement leased modem/router was going to be dual band (2.4Ghz and 5G).

I wasn't home for the switch.  The ISP didn't advertise 5G during the promotion, only the 100Mbps download speeds. I had a gamer in the house at the time; it made sense to increase speed when he couldn't play a game while I watched a movie.  I know 5G is not required to get higher than the 4Mbs speed "plan" I had before.  If I didn't think to double check the modem recently I wouldn't have known to disable the 5G band.  I'm actually going to have to keep an eye out that the ISP doesn't turn it back on - they have access to the simple router setting.  Resets during power outages may turn 5G back on, I don't know yet.

It really was a sneaky way to get 5G into people's homes - cheaper than putting up new antennas in a rural area. When people are distracted they may not even realize a new modem is 5G capable.  I wonder how many even realize the potential problems with 5G, really? People need to pay attention, myself included.  Distractions in life can create changing priorities.

I've been very distracted with my dad's recent stroke - it's a wonder I realized 5G was in my home and that I had the time to find out how to disable it.  When I can I'll replace the combined modem/router with one that is not 5G capable - unless they become unavailable.  A very real possibility, unfortunately.

Really appreciate the share Rose - if they can pull the wool over your eyes - then I will certainly have mine peeled.

i know the neighbors routers have gotten significantly stronger these past few weeks ,so i imagine theyre converting all routers to act like this without the publics knowledge.i know comcast pulled a fast one a year or two ago with makgn everyone get their new routers only to find it was transmitting an extra network for mobile customers passing by ,each one radiating for 150+ feet each at the expense of the customers electricity ,but lately its insane its so strong ...would love to spend the rest of my life winning lawsuits from all these bozos for the 7 yrs of torture i am enduring .be nice to just keep buying land masses and spend my life regenerating  the ecology and getting everyone who needs to off grid ...but it seems like the "law" is only working for the criminals these days 

That's sad Deanna.  Apparently ISPs figured out it's cheaper to replace modems than put antennas up on poles; people are going to have to figure out ways to opt out of 5G. Trouble is many don't know or care about the potential problems so I don't know how to stop the spread.  Just like when everyone had to go digital with TVs, it was mandatory.

And yes Rose, everyone needs to keep their eyes peeled for the sneaky tactics - and educating others.  Frustrating situation.

Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires https://youtu.be/ZWvuPcurB6Q


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