Each episode will air for 24 hours, and then the episode will be taken down to make room for the next, so be sure to mark your calendar each night so you don’t miss a single episode.

Meanwhile, we’re please to bring you this full length interview about the take-aways learned from The Betrayal Docu-Series.

Click here to view it.

Here’s each of the breath-taking episodes you’ll have the opportunity to watch each day:

Episode 1 - Autoimmune Disease Revealed: The Shocking Truth 
Episode 2 - Leaky Gut: The Gateway to Autoimmunity / Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Episode 3 - The Microbiome: How to Restore the Good Bacteria 
Episode 4 - Digestive Diseases: Inflammable Bowel / Gluten Sensitivity / Celiac 
Episode 5 - Environmental Toxins: Protect your Family 
Episode 6 - The Brain: Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s / MS / Dementia / Autism 
Episode 7 - Success Stories: Reversing MS / Psoriasis / Lupus / Asthma / Chronic Fatigue and more! 
Episode 8 - Patients Share their Secret Path to Healing 
Episode 9 - Doctor Unveil WHY They Do What They Do

Take the opportunity right now to share this free resource with your friends and family, so they can experience this transformation with you. Refer them to http://thedr.com/betrayal so that they can watch the series with you.

We are excited about the change that the upcoming information will make on the health of you and your family. We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Stay tuned for reminders about each episode.

Finally, if you simply can’t wait for each of the episodes to air, you can order the Betrayal Docu-Series right now for immediate access. Click here to view your package options.

To your health and happiness, 
Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the Betrayal Docu-Series Team

P.S. Make a difference on the health of your loved ones. Share this link so that they join us in this free airing of the Betrayal Docu-Series: http://thedr.com/betrayal

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