Fake “pipe bomb” HOAX unravels as Democrats appear desperate to sway elections Thursday, October 25, 2018 by: Mike Adams Tags: democrats, domestic terrorism, elections, false-flag, hoax, left cult, Leftists, mid-terms, pipe bomb, pipe bombs, propaganda, theater, violence 4,750 VIEWS Image: Fake “pipe bomb” HOAX unravels as Democrats appear desperate to sway elections (Natural News) The fake pipe bomb fiasco that has gripped America for the last two days is rapidly unraveling as a political hoax. We now know that the so-called “pipe bombs” were nothing more than “movie prop” devices built in almost cartoon-like fashion. None of them were functional, and they contained no explosives. The cheap clocks taped to the pipes have no alarm function and are incapable of triggering anything. The entire fiasco is nothing more than elaborate theater. The timing of the “bombs” being mailed just two weeks before the election — and having them mailed exclusively to Democrats — smacks of attempted election interference and an obvious false flag operation. Americans aren’t fooled. In fact, one woman was photographed displaying a “Fake News Fake Bombs” sign earlier today, indicating that members of the public are fully aware the entire fiasco was staged for political purposes: For details of the fake pipe bomb hoax and how it’s all unraveling by the hour, watch my new Counterthink video, hosted at See more videos at FacebookTwitterGoogle+Share

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Yup. About sums it up!

A real crock of shite and the MSM are lapping it up

Thanks Jeffrey

Cry wolf too many times and people with any clues at all start smelling a rat!

The veils keep falling eh Marian.

My comments on the latest events:

And here comes the alleged perpetrator:
Reading through several MSM items this morning statements vary from:
“FBI Director Christopher Wray told the news conference that fingerprints on a package sent to Representative Maxine Waters belonged to Sayoc.” (Microsoft News)
“A package“? was this package one that contained one of these fake pipe bombs?
“A single fingerprint on a suspicious package mailed to Rep. Maxine Waters helped authorities” (NY Post)

Somewhat ambiguous.
“A possible DNA connection” (NY Post again)
And of course the guy is fits the usual “Patsy Profile”: A loner, a social misfit, a drifter…”Pro Trump” and …DADAAA!…a Conspiracy Theorist.;
We’ve seen this movie before.


Great article George

I've added it to the constantly updated article at Uncensored, thanks.

when I first saw the guy's pic I thought 'clone'

 I thought he looked somewhat Transgender in his mug-shot.

Great points in this video -like twitter account set up for bomber week before but tweets all back dated


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