FDA Approves First Digital Pill For Behavior Modification

2014 " New Zealander of the Year," Dr Lance O'Sullivan supports mandatory vaccinations, therefore I wouldn't be surprised if he supported this concept as well ...


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Too creepy for words.

The most disgusting piece of propaganda was printed in the Nelson Mail last week Marian - We will scan the article and show you ... speaking of Lance O'Sullivan.  Just home, will post it tomorrow.

The information you have posted is insane.

Thanks Rose..the timing of all these things is interesting too... I had a phone call out of the blue from the local medical center, and the nurse had rung to say that I was due for more medication ( for high blood pressure...yes, I know I need to find safer alternatives and I'm working on it ) and that I should make an appointment with the doctor. I thought this was rather strange that they actually rang me to tell me this, as if I could not work it out for myself. I told her I had at least 10 days meds to go, and avoided being rude to her...she is one of the bossy, old school sorts who severely disapproves of me making any decisions regarding my health that she disagrees with eg not having mammograms ( I had two at the start before realizing I did not need to be bullied into this invasive procedure, and would have a thermography if I was concerned about the state of my breasts).I also refuse to have statins which they keep telling me I should have, along with declining vaccinations for flu and tetanus...They must have me bookmarked as a rebellious client if they are now phoning me up to say when I need an appointment! Off to the naughty corner Marian

Technology is crazy enough, but the FDA is out of control with it's attempt to control our lives through medications (and other things they do).  They aren't the only gov't agency that want to control us.  Fed up with the feds meddling.

I have to monitor my 81 yo dad taking his meds twice a day...for his diabetes, heart, and other issues due to a recent stroke. He can't remember to take them bc of the stroke. There is no way to "fix" him to avoid meds. I'd lose him sooner rather than later without them. Almost lost him already.  Trying to keep his quality of life as optimal as possible - can't bear to put him in a long term (LT) care facility and he really doesn't need that (at this point) with family around to care for his basic needs. I have seen what happens to people in LT care facilities. Not pretty.

Part of me wants an easier way than "playing nurse" and making sure he does take his medications - some kind of reminder for him sounds good, but gov't mandated - NO. 

I did volunteer to share care-giving with my son, even got dad a house with a MIL apartment so he has his own (monitored) space with us all under one roof (sold his old house and moved him south to do this). 

Not everyone can do what we did. Not everyone is willing or able to care for family this intensely.  I don't know what the answer is for them.

But this gov't "enforced medication" thing...this is going too far. F the FDA.


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