(From Apostate Prophet on You Tube who just got banned from twitter for "hate speech" after providing logical critique of Islam, his former religion.)

This is why we need to pay attention to No Hijab Day.
An Iranian woman tells her story of being jailed for 2-3 years, raped and beaten till her leg broke then denied access to medical treatment resulting in permanent disfigurement. Why? For removing her headscarf.
These are frighteningly common stories in Islamic communities so lets give credit to our brave Muslim sisters who risk all on #NoHijabDay. Ladies, that's some serious bravery you got going on.

By the way, World Hijab Day is an attempt to normalise Hijab for westerners and apparently supported by many feminists. I say wear whatever you want on your head as long as you HAVE A CHOICE. Once that freedom of choice is gone its gonna be a heck of a job getting it back again.


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Was kinda joking about the holiday in Dubai (even though personally Id give it a wide berth).

But this week a bizarre case surfaced about a British-Sudanese man Ali Issa Ahmed who says he was arrested and beaten and threatened with 15 years imprisonment, or paying a fine of 150000 British Pound for wearing a Qatar supporter shirt at the Asian Cup between Qatar and Iraq on 22 January.


The UAE Embassy in London swiftly refuted this and say Ali Issa Ahmed's went to police after Ahmed claimed he was beaten by rival football fans for cheering Qatar, then taken to hospital were they said his injuries appeared to be self inflicted and he was charged with wasting police time.

Ahmed's close friend from London, Amer Lokie spoke to him on the phone and is concerned for his welfare.


In latest news (sorry... its The Sun) Ahmed has been told he will be freed before his court appearance Monday if he signs a confession saying he attacked a cop.


The story keeps changing and is off the scale creepy. Turns out its not just slipping hijab that's a problem in some parts of the world, I Hope this guy makes it back to London in one piece.


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