Nevada Rancher Prepares To Die As Feds Invade – [Contains Video By Cliven and Carol Bundy]

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Before It's News)

by Susannah Cole The Pete Santilli Show & The Guerilla Media Network



Cliven and Carol Bundy are the last ranchers in Clark County Nevada and if the environmentalist controlled EPA and Federal Law Enforcement have their way the Bundy’s will lose everything, maybe even their lives. Please help the Bundy’s in their fight against tyranny.


Just before the round-up began this weekend, Bundy said federal agents surrounded his 150-acre ranch. His son was arrested on Sunday in an incident involving the agents. “They’ve been bringing men in and equipment and setting up a compound,” Bundy told Monday. “They got helicopters flying low. They got snipers around the ranch.


Our access to public lands has been blocked.” “We’re not pointing guns at anyone but we’re sure getting a lot of guns pointed at us.” – Carol Bundy, wife of Nevada rancher.


Bundy said he is worried BLM might try to turn the situation into another Waco or Ruby Ridge. “Yeah, there’s a little fear in me,” Bundy said. “They’re definitely set up to do that.”



Cliven Bundy will be live on The Pete Santilli Show today April 8, 2014 starting at 11:00 AM Pacific 2:00 PM Eastern.


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This is a great video that shows images of Feds surrounding the Bundy Ranch and Protesters. Please help get the word out to America and share this story!!






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Update: Word on the street from sources close to the militia movement is that up to 5,000 armed militia members will be arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada sometime today. (See full report below)

       AGENDA 21? 


Protects Rancher from Federal Government

The federal government is out of control yet again, staging a heavily militarized siege of the Bundy cattle ranch in Nevada, where the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has decided to bring a literal army of heavily armed “soldiers” to intimidate the Bundy family and steal his hundreds of cattle.

The BLM has already decided to approach the situation as an armed military assault against an American farmer. Why else bring 200 soldiers to the scene and position snipers on the hilltops? “The government has brought everything but tanks and rocket launchers,” Bundy told the Free Beacon.

this is very informative regarding the bundy-BLM standoff  and by the way , Clark County Nevada Mines- Look who the majority of the owners are 

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Buyers snapped up 29 federal land leases totaling more than 56 square miles in a northeastern Nevada area.

This could become the state's first oil shale fracking site.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management geologist Lorenzo Trimble tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal the Elko County oil and gas leases sold Tuesday for $1.27 million to six different companies.

The auction took place in Reno. The leases are near where Houston-based Noble Energy Inc. wants to drill for oil and natural gas on 40,000 acres of public and private land near the town of Wells.

The Review-Journal reports the project would be the first in Nevada to use hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to extract oil and gas from shale deposits.

The BLM is conducting an environmental review of Noble's proposal.

Shale Reporter March 2014

so its all about our public gov "trustees"  needing to "protect " our public lands by limiting OUR use of them and selling off our cathedral forests and shared resources  TO F#%&$NG FRACKERS!!  I AM so PISSED !! i hope ALL the militias show up !!

I agree, Deanna! So-called public land/s has always been about Gov't & Industry bums hoarding away for a rainy day. I heard a news grab about Sydney's Botanical Gardens undergoing some sort of land grab review just the other day.

Then there's this:

ADAM HARVEY: Barangaroo was supposed to be a waterfront park to rival Mrs Macquarie's Point. Commercial buildings were to be tucked away in the back.

JOHN KAYE: The park has become a movable feast as Mr Packer exerts more and more control over where he wants his casino.

PHILIP THALIS ARCHI: When we won the international competition in 2006 the idea that we presented to the jury was that the entire foreshore should be public land. This is what set it apart from other schemes, that it kept the inevitable business interests in check just like Macquarie Street and the Domain on the eastern side of the city have kept them in check for 100 years.

Adam Harvey: But now the casino is front and centre, swallowing a great swathe of park and even eating into a planned cove.


There is no Govt as such.  They are all corporations.


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