Fiona and Andre Appear on Vaxxed Interviews.

The following comment was left by Fiona in a blog. Wanted to share here:

We had the privilege of going to the Vaxxed movie and meeting the team on Monday night in Devonport, Auckland. Also went to a place on Nth shore yesterday the vaxxed team were filming peoples stories live. I went to tell Andre's story. It went all over the world. Later I brought him back and he told his own story. I was so proud, he did so well and got many heartfelt responses. We both got 2500 hits in a few hours from people watching globally - a huge audience. So emotional and powerful.

We the people exposing the true nature of vaccines. The team were interviewing all day, one story after another. This is people power.

You can see our interviews here


We are Vaxxed

7 August at 21:59

Meeting with Fiona here

Fiona's son Andre tells his story here

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Thanks Rose - all very moving. Wish I could see Dr Humpbries too.

We all watched your clips at home last night and understood the pain you all have faced as a family. 

So pleased you are back in NZ and still able to tap the right chords with your awareness campaign.  I salute you.

I dont get a chance to see vids but good on ya Fiona.In this world where more medicine is being forced,especially MOH and all their puppets,its a brave thing to tell the truth now .The hot war over big poisonous medicine-versus nutrients for true health i believe is reaching a tipping point and we must win or at least hold the beast in check.Good on them for videoing our stories in nz and hope many "see"what modern medicine has truly become-a killing machine.Euthenasia under the cover of health by big medicine and its puppets.Disease mangement until it kills.


Wonderful to hear your first-hand accounts, Fiona. You have been way more proactive and aware than the majority of parents. Be proud!

Just saw this - love it. This morning also watched a video of a dieing man who met his guardian angel and Jesus and wanted to tell the world. Many unseen forces working for those who follow the light.
Thanks all. Yes big pharma must be panicking. Today 3 Melb doctors in the news under investigation for helping people opt out of vaccines. News labelled them as part of an antivax CELL! Now using terrorist lingo to describe those who resist the status quo.
Come on- we need more doctors to resist. They can't deregister hundreds of them - that would divide medicine in two.


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