Hi all!

So, just wanted to kick off a discussion--it's easier for me this way as I'm shy, and live in a rather remote part of Canada, thus, I rarely exude the confidence to be able to join in on any hot topic discussion as I live in a rather remote part of Canada. Often leaving me somewhat removed and isolated from everything else that is going on ITW.

A friend recommended this would be a decent place to start a discussion thread about something that appears to be happening in my own backyard that is very much con. related. This isn't anything new either--last year my home province of BC underwent one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history of the country. WILD out-of-control forest fires, roaming and devastating countless countryside, over 890,000 hectares of forestry lost (officially breaking the previous set record of 855,000 hectares in 1958). 2018 is already shaping up to potentially be even worse. And this is a real problem as you see, the government is not taking sufficient action in implementing long-term solutions during the winter months, to ensure this doesn't escalate into a global-level environmental threat.

FIRST, the news!!

Since as far back as I've been paying attention to these escalating environmental problems my home province has been plagued with--I'll get to my own personal suspicions as to the causes/culprits behind them all in a minute--despite disaster(s) unfolding inexplicably in the surrounding areas, almost everywhere else you look in the Okanagan/Similkameen Valley, these problems seem to hit all over the place, but when it comes to my own lil' sleepy mountain town, tucked away and shielded behind a large imposing mountain/national landmark, Mother Gaia always seemed to step in at the last moment and spare my own village from anything too extreme. (This land is after all highly aboriginal in heritage and richly shamanistic--perhaps there's something to sacred rain dances and all that?)

Well unfortunately, this is no longer the case as that long-time faithful guardian monument is currently a raging inferno and the skies at night look like a cross between the aurora borealis and the bowels of hell, emblazoned across the stars. Wish my phone took good night time photographs so I could show you all.

The fire dept. is tirelessly working day and night--on basically no budget--fighting the fires with endless supplies of bombing and controlled burns. Which is really only a futile effort if we don't get some much needed RAIN soon!!! Right now, I can hear and see the water-bombers continuously stopping to reload in town here, using the Similkameen River as a supply, and then carrying it up into the hills.

We were expected to receive rainfall a week or two ago, but it never came. Thank you HAARP?!?! Or whoever's the new HAARP now, I don't keep up...

Just a few minutes ago a plume of black smoke was spotted and reported onto the town chit-chat forum on Face(CIA)book. Will keep you all posted if anything serious arises, for now, last we heard the city council put the entire town on precautionary evacuation alert. It's getting pretty scary right now. The air quality around town currently is ATROCIOUS, looking at it you'd think you were knee-deep in the smoggiest part of downtown LA?!... A lot of people are wearing those SARS masks around town cause this is mostly an elderly community and there's a lot of folk with ailing health and poor lung capacity. As for the temp.? A living 'furnace' as one would expect. You sweat buckets in the sunlight and there's minimal humidity to counter-act as relief.

As for the ROOT causes to this whole thing:

I'm kind of interested to see what others' take on the whole thing might be or if there's anyone close to my area who might be able to shed light? --For what I can tell you all, there's definitely something weather-tech related to this whole affair. I have the ground-level perspective. I was HERE the night the fires first started, and experienced what set them off. There is absolutely NOTHING natural about their origin--I went for a late-night walk one night to cool off, a few weeks ago, maybe last month? Crystal clear starry skies--next thing I know off in the horizon on the way out to Hedley from here, there was this great big FLASH. Shit, what was that?!? A few min. of squinting later, there's another one! I could just barely make out off in the distance a swarming mass of black clouds--coming out of nowhere, heading this way?!?... Apparently I must have been pretty damn tired because I went to sleep that night and slept through, from what my friends and neighbors were telling me the next day, was like a cross between Hurricane Katrina and an F5. (Yeah, I sleep like a stone.)

This was a torrential rainstorm, and with it here comes your lightning. Voilà, next thing you know half the country is on fire. Now I've LIVED in this area for over 3 decades, lightning and rain don't just come out of clear-blue skied nothingness. You usually get an afternoon or two of clouded overcast before anything happens. This was like literally the producers behind the Truman Show gave the command, "ok, cue the lightning and... now!"

Mother Gaia or Big Brother HAARP?

On top of all that, this area is notoriously HEAVY DUTY chemtrailed every summer. And the fires and the floods usually erupt within a couple days of this. And I mean it gets pretty bad, there is just ZERO natural cloud formations over the sky for weeks. Last year, a fire erupted, basically overnight atop K mountain, and the local residents were speculating a terrorist attack the next day because we had no lightning storms whatsoever for weeks, the area is too steep for irresponsible campers (not keeping an eye on their campfire) to be the smoking gun. The only logical explanation for how this fire could have occurred in the area that it did...is with a drone strike. IMO.

As for pre-emptive measures? Folks, this issue could easily be remedied during the winter months if the government just had enough common sense to issue tree-planting programs up in the hills. Oddly enough, the only long-term solution to out-of-control wild fires getting worse and worse each year... is with more trees. We need more trees planted because only the forestry has the capacity to clear up environmental run-off each year. The trees suck up the smoke and replace it with air. No trees means the smoke has nowhere to go but up. This leads to more overcast, which leads to rainfall. Rain usually brings with it thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms lead to more fires. You can see the escalating problem here?...

I'm convinced someone(s) in the higher ups is/are purposely trying to kill us. Or force us mid-westerners out of the hills and into highly congested, highly diseased urbanized metropolises. The closest one to here is Vancouver, which is not bad, they're pretty eco. But not for long I'm afraid, the city's undergoing it's own ghettoization totalitarian makeover, with the big issue over tax payers' bucks going into legal shoot-up clinics as a result of the recent opioid crisis. You can thank comrade Trudeau for that one!

But, that's another discussion for another thread. Thoughts anyone?

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As can  DEW

Christchurch - fires were last season

MORDOR - Welcome to Christchurch, NZ

Thank you Mr T, for joining us, so glad to have you on board, and am am so sorry for your suffering and the stress you are all under,I have been watching the fire outbreaks in many countries this year Sweden, and Greece also under attack, I have not seen anything in the media about Canada having Forest fires, but also the UK had a massive one near Manchester, (again,not in the news) so its a global attack, plenty of melted cars in many of the Videos and even homes totally destroyed with two in the Middle untouched! 

The evil people want nature destroyed, and yes your right about the trees giving us oxygen in exchange for co2, so less oxygen around for all of us...is that also part of the depopulation agenda?  Blame it all on nature, and the sheep will believe it.

I really hate how evil this world has become, and I mean evil in so many ways, that go under the radar of the brainwashed masses, and they are the only ones that can do some thing about it, we need to send millions of letters to our Parliaments demanding action, no point in demonstrating today, to dangerous. If they do not respond we should all withhold taxes,  there has to be a way, to respond and not just go along with it... 

My thoughts are with you and your family.

"No trees means the smoke has nowhere to go but up. This leads to more overcast, which leads to rainfall. Rain usually brings with it thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms lead to more fires. You can see the escalating problem here?"

The problem is Climate Sacrifice Zones (Naomi Klein's concept)

Weather modification and forest fires (from the 60's)
I'm not a fan of Wiggington but here is a related video that you may or may not have seen. 

Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes


And from Jim Lee:

Jim Lee presents a history of weather modification and environmental weapons to provide a context for the use of directed energy weapons (DEW) on civilian populations.  Jim alludes to the United Nations Agenda-21 globalist plan to move rural and suburban populations into metropolitan areas in order to free the land for corporate mining and exploitation.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hJ7DgfYLIg

You're dead right, on all accounts, in my estimation Mr T.

Welcome to the forum.

Jim Lee is really great.  

Central Texas has been in their sights as well.We have been  bone dry and hottern hell forever it seems.Rose sent me this which seems to explain it all:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_f5L7g7ep8&feature=em-uploademail

Just waiting for the fires.Prayers for your safety Mr T

Just logged back on and AY, CARAMBA!

Thanks so much for the well wishes and all the support. The community here could sure use it. The morale around town ever since this kick-started has been one of a dazed aggravation. Kind of stuck, no business (quite a coincidence there just happens to be some convoluted overly complex construction project going on in downtown, foreseeably driving away most of the summer tourist crowd) so all the mom 'n' pops are losing revenue--meanwhile it's hot, smokey, and feels like we're living inside the furnace to hell.

I'm ever so appreciative of the links. Will check 'em one at a time as I get around. I'm so sorry to hear about all the other places that are suffering the same issues, disaster-sits. I have to confess I don't hear a lot of the international news where I'm at (liberal radio too busy being triggered by Trump I guess?) I mainly posted here cause Canada gets lost in the crosshairs as well. We had some pretty nasty fires way back in '03--no coverage on the US airwaves whatsoever.

Will try to take some current photos tomorrow, lots of busy activity lately, firefighters have set up trailers in town to act as evac centers I guess. Everybody showing their support for the FD, no reason to suspect anything sinister 'bout this...for now?

Anyway, these are a bit old (by now) I think this was the day K-Mountain first got hit. I know, it looks like something out of Mad Max Fury Road don't it?...

Great to have an update Mr T thanks, theres such a lack of real information theres nothing like hearing it from people on the ground which is why are all here :-)

And its good to know you are OK.

Had a look on EOSIS today and noticed the massive smokescreen over South Africa too, so theres ANOTHER place nobody is talking about. Yes I know NASA, hardly the source of all facts but some of its for real.


(Just go back to 12 Aug on the bar at the bottom if you cant see much, its coz we are a day ahead here.)

Some propaganda about Sth African fires ...wow that's some positive spin! Fires so big they can be seen from space-and they are helping cool the earth, hmmmm. 


good find Cat

OMG Mr T. That's shocking! Like living on the edge of a volcano crater

Six large new wildfires erupted in the United States, pushing the number of major active blazes nationwide to over 100, with more expected to break out sparked by lightning strikes on bone-dry terrain... crazy stuff.


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