The Five Stages Of Awakening- Are Demons Waling Among Us?

What are the five stages of awakening?

2016 has been a year of terrible news stories that have spread discontent and unhappiness to all corners of the world. People have been stunned by the revelations about the lead-poisoned water in Flint, Michigan and the full extent of the large pharmaceutical company’s profiteering from the illness of ordinary people. There has also been a continuation of governmental mendacity, in conjunction with their cronies in the media to continue to exploit the population in favor of their corporate overlords. At the same time, the financial services industries are heading for another world wide meltdown.

Despite all of this, there are still people across the world who refuse to open their eyes to the sinister occurrences going on all around them. This has led some people to put forward a model referred to as the ‘five stages of awakening’. This model is loosely based around the famous ‘five stages of grief’ but works in reverse.


The first stage essentially amounts to acceptance. People in this stage believe that the world is working just fine and they credulously accept the words of the politicians, large corporation leaders and the media as truthful.


The average person enters the second stage fairly easily when they realize that there are contradictions in the official narrative put forward by the media and what they can see happening in their day to day lives. This stage can be termed ‘skepticism’. It is estimated that around 50% of the population of the United States are currently at this stage.


The individual might then come to enter stage three after that they will realize that the people who hold power in society are actively working to profit from this misfortune of the general population.

Sinister Depopulation

Eventually, they may come to realize that things are even more sinister than that and that there are networks and means in place to perform an operation of depopulation across the planet. Realizing this has been seen as stage four.

Demons- good vs. evil

The fifth stage of awakening occurs when one realizes that the problems in the world can be attributed to a spiritual war of good vs evil and that demons are actively waging war against the people of Earth to lead to the complete destruction of humankind. Recently, sources within the Catholic Church have become increasingly concerned about the extent of demonic activity on Earth. According to, Mexican authorities have been so concerned about this that they have carried out a quiet national exorcism in the cathedral of San Luis Potosi. Now, the National Catholic Registry are calling for the same procedure to be carried out in the most powerful country on Earth, the United States before it is too late.

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By the time awakening occurs we have been collecting info for years,since childhood.I can remember being dropped off at church for Sundayschool at 5yrs.old.When my brother and I were picked up I remember adults talking about the cars across the street at the Baptist Church being the last to leave the town bar the previous night.At that young age I could see the hypocrisy and did not understand the mixed signals.Well this was just the beginning. We have all been indoctrinated into a false society,"Do as I say ,Not as I do."Therein begins the fight,Truth against Lies and Dark against Light.At some point the jumbled mush of Where am I,Who am I and Where do I come From comes to the forefront and we must stop and Begin again. That is where #5 begins as #1,realization.

 "Recently, sources within the Catholic Church have become increasingly concerned about the extent of demonic activity on Earth. According to,"  Wonder if they are concerned about all the Paedophilia?Can demons cast out demons?


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