Forged “Legal Evidence” submitted by Plaintiffs in Sandy Hook Case Exposed

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Forged “Legal Evidence” submitted by Plaintiffs in Sandy Hook Case ...

by flyingcuttlefish

"In this interview/deposition, Jim Fetzer presents the legal evidence which is being submitted in court to expose the false flag attack of Sandy Hook. "

The original video was removed saying;  This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying.

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Thank You for presenting that. I've seen/heard most of this info before but only piecemeal and had to put it together myself and only in my own mind. This is mind blowing when all compiled in one document.

I think they should also be going after Obama etc at the top and all the way down to the bottom so that every person involved in this false flag is prosecuted. I'd also say that I've heard that many of those involved in this false flag somehow won big $$$  prizes in the lottery as compensation for going along with this deception, and also several internet sites like "go fund me" were set up and the sympathetic gullible public donated to the "poor" families who supposedly lost their children at Sandy Hook.

I think this should be priority #1 for President Trump to tackle. It would get rid of many crooked swamp creatures that might otherwise walk as not being important enough to indite.

All IMO of course.

Adam Lanza is David Hogg of Parkland Shooting fame, admits he's son of a cia member. No one went to jail. No one killed or injured. No crime committed ... accept against the ppl.


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