This link was sent  me by a FBer concerning France. Here is a LINK to the call for signatures in French. I've google translated it below but at the link you will see a video, also in French mind you. The buttons to the petition are there in the link also. I'm unsure if we can sign it or not & haven't time to check ... but still the info in the post is alarming to say the least. 

here is the TRANSLATION:


Watch this shocking video, it's just shocking


France: soon 11 compulsory vaccinations!


Dear reader,


Since 2008, the DTP (diphtheria-tetanus-polio) vaccine is no longer available in pharmacies in France.


This vaccine was the only one required. It was important. It had been used successfully for decades. These diseases had been virtually eradicated.


It was a safe vaccine. It did not contain aluminum. What's more, it was a cheap vaccine (6.54 euros).


But since 2008, pharmaceutical companies have removed the DTP from the market. They replaced it with a super vaccine containing vaccines against three non-compulsory diseases.


This vaccine, called Infanrix-hexa:

Contains three vaccines that are not mandatory;


Contains aluminum and other adjuvants;


Contains the highly controversial hepatitis B vaccine (perfectly useless for most infants)


And it costs 7 times more !!

But the parents are obliged to buy it, and to inject it, to comply with their vaccination obligation!


This situation is abnormal. It is unjustified. For a long time the authorities should have responded. They did not.


The Institute for the Protection of Natural Health, together with Professor Henri Joyeux, launched a major petition in May 2015 for the return of the classic aluminum-free DTP. This action triggered an immense awareness. More than one million citizens participated. Health Minister Marisol Touraine responded by launching a national consultation on vaccines.


This consultation was to be democratic.

It had to be open.

It had to respond to the legitimate concerns of parents, grandparents and the population.

It had to take into account the interests and health of the children, the risks associated with the vaccine, the problem of uncertainty, the dangers, and sometimes serious accidents that occurred with vaccination.

But the Immunization Committee released its report on 30 November 2016. [1]


And it's a real scandal.


Rather than calling the pharmaceutical laboratories back to order and requiring the DTP again, the Committee asks exactly the opposite:

It recommends that all vaccines in the super-vaccine be made compulsory;


It recommends the addition of five additional mandatory vaccines;


He even speaks of making the infamous Gardasil mandatory, against cervical cancer (papillomavirus vaccine), and possibly extending the obligation to all little boys !!!


It recommends depriving children of access to crèches, schools and other communities if the parents refuse only one of these vaccinations;


It advises to prosecute against recalcitrant parents [2]


(That is, you and me) the inevitable accidents that would result from the generalization of vaccines, through a "compensation scheme supported by national solidarity", rather than The pharmaceutical industry (see page 32 of the report);


Finally, it recommends "the prompt implementation of all recommendations".

Never has such a direct offensive been made in health.




We must be millions to say NO. The whole of France must rise.


"THIS IS NOTHING TO UNDERSTAND", commented the newspaper Le Figaro, about this recommendation. [3] "A confusing position," lamented Libération. [4]


This is indeed the policy of the worst! And to a provocation thrown at the figure of the whole population. Some have spoken of the "Last stab of Marisol Touraine" !!!


In summary, 11 mandatory vaccines are required: hepatitis B, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae b, pneumococcus, meningococcus C, measles, mumps, rubella plus recalls.


Worse still, their project is to put all risks and costs at our expense:

On page 32 of the report, it was explained that "full responsibility for the purchase of vaccines by compulsory health insurance schemes should be ensured. The cost of such a measure is estimated at 110 to 120 million € / year. So it's the social insured, in other words you and I and the entire population, who are involved; And our money goes to the pharmaceutical industry;


In addition, it is recommended that, for accidents which will inevitably occur, "impose an adverse effects compensation scheme through national solidarity", that is to say once again, you and I , Via our taxes.

Have they become crazy ??


Where does such contempt come to them? Do they believe in a dictatorship ??


Apparently yes, and at this point it's up to the people to defend themselves !!


There is no line in the report that defends the majority opinion in the population.


Everything seems to have been written by pharmaceutical labs.


This vaccination committee that we were presented as "representative" is a trick.


"The development of this citizen's speech was made in the absence of any publicity," noted the newspaper Libération.


Already, the credibility of this supposedly "democratic" consultation on vaccines had been shaken in February when a senior official had slammed the door of the Ministry of Health.


Thomas Dietrich, a former graduate of Sciences-Po Paris, General Secretary of the National Health Conference (CNS), has resigned to denounce the "vast masquerade" of "healthy democracy".

In particular, he denounced that the public debate on vaccination had been entrusted to a falsely democratic institute, founded in 2015 and managed by one of the former advisers of Marisol Touraine, the Institute for Health Democracy.


"He had to make sure that healthy democracy would be at its core," he explained about Marisol Touraine, according to "the Minister's desire to padlock all the means of expression of democracy in health ".


Only the relentless vaccinators and industrialists had been invited !!


In 2013, the Chairman of the Immunization Committee, Alain Fischer, received the Sanofi Pasteur Award, a distinction unique to this pharmaceutical company, one of the world's largest vaccine manufacturers!

Reactions were soon heard on social networks:


"How can one" restore confidence "by a medical dictatorship? "Read a reader on the site of the daily Libération. [6]


"You are required to inject vaccines and, in anticipation of the care of a serious complication, not to charge the pharmaceutical laboratories, you stick a new tax on drugs! "A surfer insults in response to the announcement.


"How can we take ourselves at this point for idiots ??? !!!! I am so sad and angry. What a country! "Reacted on Thursday, December 1 in the morning, to a listener from RMC, who had just received the news on the head. [7]


"Clearly this is totalitarianism," one reacted on the site of the newspaper 20 Minutes. [8]


"How is it that in Germany or Spain, where vaccines are not mandatory, there is no more epidemic than in our own countries? "[9]


The problem is that these reactions, although numerous, will remain a dead letter without a concerted action, a collective action citizen.


No one should be able to say, or affirm, that these reactions are isolated.


To show our numbers and our determination, it is essential to raise the petition counter to the maximum, to oppose a real democratic barrage to this initiative.

We know that millions of signatures are needed.


And we can bring them together: more than 40% of the French people understood that there was some vagueness behind the government's speech on vaccination. [10]


It is important to act as quickly as the Minister of Health will most likely seek to act before the opening of the 2017 election campaign (in five weeks, after the Socialist Party primaries).


That is why we are in absolute urgency. It is









[3] According to Le Figaro Santé: "In their report to the Minister of Health, the authors believe that" the lifting of the obligation to vaccinate is the objective to be achieved "but advocate to achieve this ..." an enlargement The mandatory nature of the child's recommended vaccines. Not to understand it ... "















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another nazi dictatorship


And we will be able to play an active part in showing how the French resist. I think that vaccines are getting a lot of notice lately and this happening now is a reaction to stem the information flow before the dam breaks. 

good point Sarah. It's surely ramping up now.

Making vaccines compulsory, isn't something you hear much about in New Zealand media, BUT... if we aren't careful, mandatory vaccination will become law in this country. While those who tweak the strings around the wrists of politicians have kept very quiet in public, in private, there have been, and are, far more intense discussions going on about making vaccines mandatory, than ever before. How do I know?  more...

The NZ muppets are having a few practices with fluoride before moving on to mandatory vaccination.

Plus lucky they are too busy manipulating the housing market & lining up at the water trough. Have I missed anything?
The French public are good at throwing a tanty, so we might learn some strategies that can be applied to the 1%.

are they ever practicing on the housing Baza. Just read this today on slum lords in Rotorua, disgusting flats for $400 pw

we certainly could learn from the French. 

Scary. This is global. People just need to wake up and kick ass.


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