From The 1950’s: Frank Lloyd Wright Interview

As an interesting diversion from current events, readers might be interested in this fascinating interview with one of the most extraordinary minds of the Twentieth Century: Architect, socialist and maverick, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright was 88 when this interview took place in the 1950s and clearly still possessed a sharp mind. In fact the program was extended to double it’s usual 25 minute slot as there was so much material to cover.

Also fascinating in historical context (note the shameless cigarette advertising and Wright’s disdainful reaction!).



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Actually, I lie: This isn't merely a diversion. I'm building up to something by introducing Lloyd Wright.

Hint: City rebuilds, Agenda 30. Yup, a blog is in the works

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Historical Context: Lloyd Wright was speaking in the 1950s when practically no one, especially in the US of the McCarthy era, would voice or even think such radical ideas. Yet FLW struck a chord with viewers. People sat up and listened.

It would be another decade before the Flower Power and protest would begin, but FLW predicted that it would be teenagers who would lead the way, not elderly intellectuals and business suited elitists. He also perceived the way forward: Working with nature instead of against it. Another artist/architect, Roger Dean, would repeat this philosophy two decades later. Dean was a child of the Flower Power era.

It was pioneers like FLW who sewed the seeds of awakening in the early 21st century.

What a pity modern city planners chose to ignore him and follow the NWO anti-nature agenda.


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