From the 2017 Archives ~ New Zealand Troops Paraded Dead Bodies In Afghanistan, Says Report

New Zealand is often incorrectly identified as a beacon of peace, freedom, and democratic ideals, yet on a small but very concrete scale, the country continues to support and engage in many of the same horrifying wartime policies of the Bush and Obama eras.

By: /ANTIMEDIA  Despite the fact that New Zealand’s government downplays its military’s role in Afghanistan, more and more reports are surfacing detailing how New Zealand troops have been terrorizing local Afghans and engaging in criminal behavior.

A new report by the New Zealand-based team of journalists known as Stuff Circuit claims that in 2004, New Zealand forces appeared at a village in Baghak, Afghanistan, and accused locals of being members of the Taliban.

According to witnesses, after the Taliban was overthrown in 2001, life was actually relatively peaceful in this village. That is, of course, up until New Zealand troops, part and parcel of the American-led war in Afghanistan, arrived at the village some years later. This line of thinking was confirmed in a recent article by the Intercept, which alleges that the Taliban had surrendered multiple times but the American military presence continued to rebuff the Taliban’s cause because a surrender wasn’t good enough for the Bush administration, which wanted “total annihilation.”

According to the report, the villagers were intrigued by the military presence and went closer to see what was happening but were met with a barrage of insults.

“And then they started insulting people and using foul language, saying: ‘You are Taliban and you are helping the Taliban,’” the report states.

The New Zealand troops reportedly insulted women and the elderly before saying:

“You guys are Taliban and we will come back again tomorrow…We haven’t finished with you.’”

According to the report, that night there was a battle outside the village between New Zealand troops and Taliban fighters, and the next day six New Zealand vehicles came back with dead bodies tied to the front of their trucks. The Afghan bodies were then dumped in the local bazaar, and more than a dozen locals were reportedly tied up at gunpoint.

“They held me by my arms and flexi-cuffed my hands behind my back and sat me facing the wall. One guy was guarding me, pointing his gun at me saying ‘Don’t turn your face,’” one villager told Staff Circuit“I was thinking that they will take me to their tank and will take me away.”

One villager reportedly said:

“We want them to be punished for how brutal they were to us. We hadn’t done anything… and everything that happened to us was sudden and unjustified.”

New Zealand troops have been based in Afghanistan since 2001, and as such, their role has always had an air of secrecy about it. Former Green Party politician Keith Locke stated:

“The default position of the New Zealand Defence Force and the Government was to tell [the public] absolutely nothing, and to tell MPs [Members of Parliament] like myself absolutely nothing.”

According to the report, Locke asked the government some basic questions regarding troop levels and “got a blank on all those questions. I went to the Ombudsman and he said, ‘Oh, well, there’s an exception for national security and you can’t hear about that because of national security reasons.’”

The problem for New Zealand is that this new report casts doubt on the official story regarding how a glorified serviceman received the Victoria Cross (New Zealand’s only recipient), which was based on a claim that New Zealand troops were attacked by insurgents. In reality, it may have been the case that New Zealand troops directly attempted to draw the conflict out by antagonizing the locals — as opposed to being innocently attacked by insurgents.

Paula Penfold, one of the journalists who worked on the report, said official reports on these conflicts were incorrect:

“When we went to the Shikari Valley – which the NZ military investigators never did do – and we talked the Afghan soldiers – which again, the Court of Inquiry didn’t do – we found the conclusion reached by our Court of Inquiry was wrong.”

The families of New Zealand soldiers who died in the Baghak conflict are now justifiably asking questions and demanding answers about what actually took place during this period.

The latest report isn’t the first report to rock New Zealand’s political scene in relation to its deployment in Afghanistan. Earlier this year, New Zealand-based investigative journalist Nicky Hager broke a story regarding potential war crimes committed by New Zealand forces in Afghanistan, and Anti-Media interviewed him about his findings in April.

New Zealand is often incorrectly identified as a beacon of peace, freedom, and democratic ideals, yet on a small but very concrete scale, the country continues to support and engage in many of the same horrifying wartime policies of the Bush and Obama eras.

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See the  full movie on the truth of what took place after WW2 

Called.   HELLSTORM.     They butchered and burnt millions  .   more people were killed after the war was over than at any other time . But history hides it  well

Hellstorm Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany full ...

Video for hellstorm documentary
► 90:21 Sep 2015 - 90 min - Uploaded by NordLux Bellator
This is now the completed "full length" documentary of a previous posting here of just the ...

They will do the same  with America's  wars on Terror 


The first casualty of War is the Truth. ~Winston Churchill~

War is the most expensive venture any society can undertake, bar none.

In MY observation these two real truths go hand in hand to partly explain the utterly misguided world we live in today, where we have Continuous War as the norm and consequently "the truth" is not just endangered but extinct. 

The obvious question is: if the second is true how are we able to afford that, specially now, given that the current debt based model version has come to the end of its (predicted) usefulness?

The answer is: WE are ALL paying for it through the (voluntary-but highly persuasive) use of a worldwide FIAT currency. What is remarkable is that simultaneously, there are perfectly legal alternatives that preclude our involvement in this heinous scheme of paying for our own torture and death, that virtually no one can see...

BECAUSE the alternatives can't be generated from nothing (counterfeit)...and then used to pay for your labour (the ONLY real asset you have).
(I would have loved to be a fly on the wall listening when they thought that one up...)
Its obvious, at least to me that the most important agenda in the world today is keeping this gravy train going and that ALL the moves seen in; changing and obfuscating History, Ruining the Education System, Ruining our Food and Environment, withholding Free Energy, perfecting the MSM as a Psychological Social Engineering and Propaganda tool, institutionalising Corruption/Censorship plus manipulating EVERYTHING we would normally use to inform or guide ourselves on the current state of our lives or means of income (so we remain as confused as possible and have no idea of what is really happening) is designed to stop us from realising this simple fact.

The one eyed movie above illustrates that well for while a lot might be true (I don't know for sure as I was Unborn) there are some glaring omissions and distortions: the most obvious is painting the Soviets as monsters while conveniently omitting the fact that they lost 20 million people fighting The German Invasion of their country which might piss them off a bit...not to mention that:

Dear True Activist: NZ is a country like any other.

A Soldier is a Soldier no matter what country of origin.
Orders MUST be followed when issued by a commanding officer (of ANY Allied country). 
A "WAR" against-or started by- ANY (NATO) Allied Country is a WAR against them all- article 5. Nice little continuation guarantee...

"National Security" is the basis for this alliance and its "maintenance" trumps (pun not intended) everything and makes it possible for the alliance to do whatever it wants even to change the definition as necessary.

Its important to note that an individual Soldier has no real rights (other than to get fed) only the requirement to follow orders at all times within this framework and above all not to think as an individual.

As such, as soon as the Soldier has signed the dotted line He/She may be used for whatever command see's fit that will enhance capabilities and further the aims of NS. This includes Experimentation with any chemical substance injected or inhaled/absorbed and potential Suicide missions whether labeled as such or not. S/He is an asset and expendable.

A Soldiers life expectancy in War is measured in minutes and the constant awful sights of dead friends, enemies and civilians kills and numb's all feeling; propaganda to keep them fighting adds to this form of insanity. Soldiers have thus always raped and pillaged throughout the ages, in fact it is encouraged to demoralise the enemy and PAY for the war. Defeated states have always been plundered and their people used as slaves. Thats how we got here

The best Soldier knows he is already dead and that nothing matters except killing the enemy. These can never be fully integrated back into society, and they know it. 

He/She is the sharp edge of the tool of Force being used against ALL living creatures and must never be allowed to dull. The Rulers way of life and the current Status Quo (and by extension the whole structure of Society) depends on it. 

Continuous War is a great way to achieve that aim and retain Power. I said way back in the 80's that until we realise that and STOP working gratis for them thru their currency, War will NEVER stop, unless the Aliens stop us.

All talk or complaint is a waste of time-not to mention dangerous if you get good at it- and will always end at this same point of definition.

You cannot opt out without hiding away somewhere remote, NOT "consuming", doing everything yourself (specially your money), or by joining the losers. This is too much of a sacrifice for most, who think they can change things through the "right" channels when those channels have been put there specifically to suck you in and neutralise you.

Its great when you are winning and can pretend its not happening and everything is "normal".

I am not being an apologist for Soldiers in any way, merely pointing out how it is on this eternally FUBAR planet and trying again to point the finger at what can really be done...if you are sick of it enough already. Otherwise we may as well all be Soldiers-and waste yet another generation-as we are all as guilty as them.

Good book: Slaughterhouse 5, Kurt Vonnegut, about Dresden from a mad Sci Fi Allied prisoner of War point of view.

Good Movie's: Unsere Mutter Unsere Vater 3 part War series from a German point of view; gripping and very sad.

Beyond Enemy Lines-Framom Framsta linjen: about the Finnish/Swedish (this is an ethnic group that speak Swedish with a Finnish accent) battalion that was part of the Finnish army in singlehandedly beating back the massed Soviet Invasion of Finland. An almost unbelievable feat hardly ever mentioned amongst the allies. Very true to life and authentic (I have been there and met the people). Finland has suffered greatly financially for this ever since.

My whole family was in both "great" wars (not because they wanted to) and I might have been a Soldier too if we had not left England in 1970 (I was already in the Cadets being groomed). Thank God we left, now I know better.

Set yourself free (and help to bring down the FIAT hell) by converting to REAL Money: Gold or Silver; thats exactly what they don't want you to do, so THEY can get it all cheap, with their counterfeit "money" while you work digging it up for bits of paper...


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