Gardening Articles for week ending 15th October 2016
Written by Wally Richards.


With Labour Weekend quickly approaching and sunlight hours increasing there are a number of areas that we should be looking at in preparation for summer.

Garlic: it is a good time to sprinkle a little Bio Boost as a side dressing to increase the food content these growing cloves require.

Watered down liquid chicken manure (1:10) can also be applied if you have a source of this great manure.

Sprays of Magic Botanic Liquid (MBL) will also help produce a bigger crop of cloves. Any sign of rust; spray foliage with potassium permanganate at ¼ teaspoon per litre of water with 1 mil Raingard added.

If black aphids attack the plants spray with Wallys Super Neem Oil at 5 mil per litre with 1 mil of Raingard added per litre.

Strawberries: plants are moving nicely now with good shows of flowers and berries starting to form.

Side dress plants with Wallys Secret Strawberry Food every 6 -8 weeks and spray the plants with Mycorrcin at 5 mil per litre of non-chlorinated water every two weeks.

Aphids may attack the plants about now and if so use the Super Neem Oil and Raingard mentioned previously. Using the strawberry food above will take care of root nematodes and mealy bugs especially if growing in containers.

Spring flowering Bulbs: dependent on type and where you are these will either still be flowering or they will be finishing.

It is most important that you leave the foliage on till it starts to die off in a couple of months time. The foliage is gaining energy from the sun to build up the bulbs strength to make a good flowering next spring and to produce bublets which are going to be your free future plants.

Xmas Lillies : these along with other lillium types should also be in foliage now and in a few cases actually starting to produce flower buds. A side dressing of the liquid chicken manure would go down well or/and some Bio Boost on the soil.

Hazy skies: A gardener from Levin told me last week that he was seeing his tomato plants which are planted outside in a good all day sun situation, stretching as if they are looking for light.

This is caused by unusual (unnatural?) hazy skies which are blocking sunlight and making for very warm temperatures. (Heat trapped; like in winter when cloudy then less chance of frosts as heat is trapped by clouds)

I experienced this a couple of seasons ago in Palmerston North where the shade effect of the unnatural haze caused stretching of plants, effected flower bud production and flower buds opening.

Leaves of some plants tended to be much larger than normal trying to catch more sunlight.

Corn plants were very stunted across the district. Skies at night were too hazy to see any but the brightest stars.

It would be interesting to know what is causing this unnatural condition and if it occurs in your area ask about it through Neighbourly or by letters to your local newspaper editor as it is a concern especially to us gardeners.

Direct sunlight on bare skin is our richest source of Vitamin D. About 15 minuets a day or as often as possible, reduces the possibility of a number of health issues which include cancer, dementia, Alzheimers, autism, heart disease the list goes on. Hazy skies preventing direct sunlight is not healthy for our plants or ourselves.

Roses : should be moving nicely now and several readers have phoned or emailed me to ask what to do at this time.

Sprinkle some Wallys Neem Tree Granules in the root zone of the roses along with some Rok Solid, sheep manure pellets, blood & bone and Fruit and Flower Power then lightly cover with purchased compost.

Spray the roses with MBL and Perkfection (if you have Mycorrcin add that also) Once a month.

If you have had significant problems in the past with your roses because of rose sprays such as Shield, rose fertilisers including nitrophoska and chlorinated tap water then do the MBL spray without the Perfection two weeks later.

If there are aphids on the roses then spray with Super Neem Oil late in the day. (It is compatible with the above sprays)

If diseases such as black spot or rust appear spray with the potassium permanganate and Raingard to control.

Follow the above and you should within a season or two have lovely roses again.

Stone Fruit Trees : For curly leaf on peaches and nectarines use the potassium permanganate and Raingard spray every 7 to 10 days while the leaves are growing. After about 6-8 weeks the problem period should be over for the season.

On plum trees the leaves curling is likely insect pests so spray them with Super Neem Oil late in the day.

Apple Trees: Sprinkle Neem Tree Granules under the tree from trunk to drip line.

After flowering place a pheromone trap in tree (or use a can with treacle) monitor the trap and when male moths are caught start spraying the apples with Super Neem Oil and Raingard (late in day) repeat about every 10 to 14 days till no more males have been caught and at least 2 weeks has past.

Moss in lawns: The most effective control is to use Wallys Moss & Liverwort control. Mix at 50 mils per litre of water, turn the spray nozzle to make a jet and then jet it into the moss. Use for liverwort at the same strength.

Moss or slime on paths, steps and lichen on plants use at 25mils per litre. More effective and less expensive than most other similar products.

Slugs & Snails: If these are a problem simply spray the plants and soil near plant with Wallys Liquid Copper with Raingard. Slugs & Snails cant handle copper and it is much safer for pets and hedgehogs than the poison baits. Quash from Tui is also safe to use and effective as a bait.

Other pests in gardens: Cats love freshly prepared gardens and to deter them use Wallys Cat Repellent.

Alternative for Vegetable garden seedlings use the Crop cover (Also called Bug Mesh) over hoops to keep birds, cats and insect pests off your plantings.

It also make a micro climate and the plants establish quicker.

Germinating Seeds: Either spray seeds with MBL before sowing or after sowing and before covering; it will speed up germination time.

Gardeners are likely to be more healthy because they get out in the sun and gain their body's requirements of Vitamin D.

I have just started reading Wishart's book on Vitamin D and it would appear that not only having ample Vitamin D in your body to prevent cancers it also helps prevent Alzheimers, heart disease, influenza, depression and other health issues.

Its free and available as long as the sun is shining. Remember the old saying, Winter Blues, which is due to not much sun in winter.

Problems ring me at 0800 466464 (Palmerston North 3570606)
Web site
Phone 0800 466464

Natural health is a silver bullet to medical vampires.

Every healthy unvaccinated child is a refutation of the medical cartel.

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Invaluable info, thanks Wally.

Agreed Ngaire. He just saved me a ton of time searching through his website for those things I need this year.  Wally's are cheapest in price and highest quality. On top of that, Wally will give you the time of day when you have an issue int he garden. Just have to give him a call at the toll free number below.  

REAL people!

Thrilled to see the word getting out to gardeners about the filtered sunlight and the absolute importance of Vitamin D.   


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