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What is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation really doing in Africa? A recent Goalkeepers report entitled “Is Poverty Inevitable” attracted my attention this week. With characteristic billionaire-level content writers in tow, the world’s most famous philanthropic couple publish a warning on African birth rates, poverty, and disease. Their foundation’s real agenda has very little to do with altruism.

The problem with Bill Gates and his foundation is that no PR guru in the world can conceal what is pointedly obvious to anyone reading their narratives. The basic tenets of this foundation’s efforts are BS. “There are too many African babies; they’re going to die.” This statement is counterbalanced with “Let’s give out more drugs to save their lives, and then educate these masses so they can be more productive, so Africa’s economy can grow.” And grow, and grow, and grow to be another Singapore, or China, or Southeast Asian manufacturing hub? It’s doublespeak. Or is Africa just going to be a consumer market powered on air and service related jobs? I hope you see my point here. The Bill & Melinda report goes on in big bold letters:

“The basis of our optimism about the world has always been our belief in the power of innovation to redefine what’s possible.”

The rich couple, or their public relations and marketing team one, continue by citing their deceased friend, friend, Swedish academic and statistician, Hans Rosling, whom they cite as if he were Jesus in a sermon in his description of people’s different standards of living. Rosling used the metaphor that of how people travel: from sandals to bicycles to cars to airplanes. The way the paragraph fits together lets me know someone with a marketing background probably wrote it. So all those Africans being saved by vaccines Bill & Melinda help supply, they’re soon going to be flying airplanes. Or not.

Whenever one researches US government, major corporate or NGO, and especially billionaire philanthropic giving to poor countries, the presence of a “payoff” should be understood. I won’t get into Bill Gates’ philosophies or how he is tied to eugenics, but his connections with the so-called “deep state” and the CIA in the US bear mentioning here. If you bear with me, I can show a tiny window into what these privateers are up to.

Remember I said to look for the “payoff?” Well, the Bill & Melinda Gates Goalkeeper report gives away the west’s real intentions in Africa. In parts of the document, we do not even have to read between the lines to discover what is “next” in the new colonial Africa. First, the problem child of US relations in the region, Ethiopia is fawned over as a guiding hope by the Gates’, and you can bet trouble is about to break out there soon if I don’t miss my guess. First Lady Melania Trump is next door in Kenya this week, and the Gulf States are vying with America for influence in the region, so Ethiopia is due for a regime change. But the Goalkeeper document gives us the smoking gun when it reveals Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the most “problematic” countries in Africa. Now get this.

It just so happens that Nigeria is a natural resource treasure trove, a country that produces 2.5 million barrels of crude oil per day, and which has proven natural gas reserves of 160 trillion cubic meters. There is so much there that the other large resource reserves are not even tapped yet. Nigeria’s coal, for instance, is the finest quality in the world. There are 3 billion tons of it beneath the country’s topsoil. Other resources are prevalent and worth trillions of dollars in the long term.

As for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country currently has $24 trillion dollars worth of untapped resources including the world’s largest reserves of coltan and significant quantities of the world’s cobalt, plus one million tons of lithium. The country also has billions worth of diamonds, gold, and other resources. I know the reader will find it interesting that Bill & Melinda Gates create in-depth reports to let us know the good and the potential their philanthropy does, but nowhere in their literature have I found the fact that no less than twenty-five international mining companies were active in the D.R. Congo at any given time. It should also come as no surprise that Gates and his fellows are backing the resurgence of nuclear, which means uranium prices will soon skyrocket. And yes, both these countries have significant uranium deposits.

Hardly anyone reading this report will have read how Caterpillar is part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust’s investments portfolio. The fact Caterpillar is one of the world’s biggest producers of machinery for the mining and oil and gas industry. But the depth and breadth of what Gates and his billionaire brethren are doing in this world cannot be illustrated in this way. I finally got a handle on just how low these pond scum are reading a story about Gate’s investment portfolio and then looking at his almost 60% stake in Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate made famous by none other than Warren Buffett.

Berkshire Hathaway is one of the most resource intensive holdings in the world. Looking down the list of wholly owned subsidiaries, we find construction and materials, logistics, and another natural resource intensive business dominating the investments. In short, everything Africa has, Gates and Buffett, create value-added on it. They also hold minor but significant positions in foods, oil, and gas (Phillips 66 14.53%), and in the pharmaceuticals Gates aims to cure Africa and the world with (DaVita – 19.2%), and Helzberg Diamonds (100%) that helped establish the “Diamonds Do Good” campaign attended by representatives from many places Bill & Melinda are trying to “save.”

I could go on for five hundred pages, and you still would not have the “scoop” on what these lowlifes are doing. They’re leveraging positions everywhere there is lithium to go in one of their Duracell batteries (100%), or tantalum carbide and tungsten carbide for their toolmaking (International Metalworking Companies 100%). The list, the unbelievable mountain of wealth I am talking about, it’s staggering. Hell, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a former CIA spook named Shana Tarbell as its director of Global Security. There’s not room here to go into Gates’ fingers in the pie of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), an initiative tied to GMO giants like Monsanto-Bayer, DuPont, Dow, and Syngenta. I have to stop here. Really, the magnitude of it all is out of this world.

What is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doing in Africa? Everything except saving the poor people who live there. There’s scarcely anything profitable happening in the nations mentioned in this Goalkeepers report that these people are not taking margins off of. These famous scorekeepers intend to win the game of rich versus poor, and they are ahead trillions to zero in Africa. What a bunch of soulless creeps.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”



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When China calls, all Africa answers. And Beijing's non-politicization of investments and non-interference in internal affairs is paying off big time...

The dogs of war – cold, hot, trade, tariffs – bark while the Chinese caravan plies the New Silk Roads. Call it a leitmotif of the young 21st century.

At the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing, President Xi Jinping has just announced a hefty US$60 billion package to complement another US$60 billion pledged at the 2015 summit.

That breaks down to $15 billion in grants and interest-free loans; $20 billion in credit lines; a $10 billion fund for development financing; $5 billion to finance imports from Africa; and waving the debt of the poorest African nations diplomatically linked to China.

When China calls, all Africa answers.

First, we had ministers from 53 African nations plus the African Union (AU) Commission approving the Beijing Declaration and the FOCAC Action Plan (2019-21).

Then, after the $60 billion announcement, we had Beijing signing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with nine African nations – including South Africa and Egypt – related to the New Silk Roads/Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Additionally, other 20 African nations are discussing further cooperation agreements.

Debt trap or integration?

That does not exactly paint the picture of the BRI as a vicious debt trap enabling China to take over Africa’s top strategic assets. On the contrary, the BRI is seen as integrating with Africa’s own Agenda 2063, a “strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the continent over the next 50 years” tackling unemployment, inequality and poverty.

Apart from letting the numbers speak for themselves, Xi deftly counter-punched the current, massive BRI demonization campaign:

“Only the people of China and Africa have the right to comment on whether China-Africa cooperation is doing well … No one should deny the significant achievement of China-Africa cooperation based on their assumptions and speculation.”

And once again Xi felt the need to stress the factor that does seduce, Africa-wide – Chinese non-politicization of investments, and Chinese non-interference in the internal affairs of African nations.

This comes right after Xi’s speech celebrating the five years of BRI, on Aug. 27, when he stressed Beijing’s organizing foreign policy concept for the foreseeable future has nothing to do with a “China club.”

What that reveals, in fact, is a Deng Xiaoping-style “crossing the river while feeling the stones” fine-tuning, bent on correcting mistakes in what is still the BRI’s planning stages, and including the approval of a mechanism of dispute resolution for myriad projects.

African leaders seem to be on board. For South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, the FOCAC “refutes the view that a new colonialism is taking hold in Africa, as our detractors would have us believe.” AU chairman Paul Kagame, also the president of Rwanda, emphasized a stronger Africa was an opportunity for investment, “rather than a problem or a threat.”

A ‘non-enduring contingency location’?

According to the China Chamber of International Commerce, over 3,300 Chinese companies have invested Africa-wide in telecommunications, transportation, power generation, industrial parks, water supply, rental business for construction machinery, retail, schools, hotels and hospitals.

China is, in fact, upgrading its investments in Africa beyond infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and energy and mineral imports. China is Africa’s top trading partner since 2009; trade expanded 14% in 2017, reaching $170 billion.

In November, Shanghai will host the first China International Import Expo – jointly managed by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai municipal government, a convenient stage for African nations to promote their proverbial “market potential.”

Xi depicted as a new and ruthless Mao? China mired in abysmal corruption? China’s massive internal debt about to explode like a volcano from hell? None of this seems to stick Africa-wide. What does impress is that in three decades, a one-party system managed to multiply China’s GDP per capita by a factor of 17. From a Global South point of view, the lesson is “they must be doing something right.”

The ultra-sensitive military front

In parallel, there’s no evidence Africa will cease to be a key BRI node for investment; a market with an expanding middle class receptive to Chinese imports; and most of all, strategic reasons.

And then there’s the ultra-sensitive military front.

China’s first overseas military base was inaugurated on Aug. 1, 2017 – on the exact 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). The official Beijing spin is that Djibouti is a base for peacekeeping and humanitarian missions, and to fight pirates based on the Yemeni and Somali coastlines.

But it goes way beyond that. Djibouti is a geostrategic dream; on the northwest Indian Ocean and at the southern path to the Red Sea, en route to the Suez Canal and with access to the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Gulf and most of all the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait. This prime economic connectivity translates into transit control of 20% of all global exports and 10% of total annual oil exports.

Not accidentally, Djibouti’s top capital source is China. Chinese companies fund nearly 40% of Djibouti’s top investment projects. That includes the $490 million Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway, whose strategic importance far exceeds elephants, zebras and antelopes“roaming freely alongside a railway.”

Djibouti’s aim, as expressed by President Ismail Omar Guelleh – who visited Xi in Beijing last November – is to position itself as the number one connectivity/transshipment node for all of Africa.

Now compare it with the Pentagon’s AFRICOM agenda – as in an array of Special Ops deploying nearly 100 secret missions across 20 African nations at any given time.

As Nick Turse extensively documented in his must-read book Tomorrow’s Battlefield, there are at least 50 US military bases Africa-wide – ranging from what AFRICOM designates as “forward operating sites” to fuzzy “cooperative security locations” or “non-enduring contingency locations.” Not to mention 36 AFRICOM bases in 24 African nations that have not previously made it to official reports.

What this spells out, once again, is further evidence of the ever-replicating Empire of Bases. And that brings us to Africa’s stark “contingency location” choice. In the ultra-high-stakes development game, who’re you gonna call? FOCAC and the New Silk Roads, or Ghostbusters AFRICOM?

Bill Gates is a traitor to humanity and also our country.  It is a disgrace to America that these people are here among us.  He heads up the NWO population control, objective to eliminate 90% of the world population.  On this team Ted Turner, W. Buffett, and others.

Did you see the secret meeting they had this year here in the USA??  I guess planning how to roll out  there destruction in the USA.  As Gates has been telling us we are going to have a pandemic.  I only hope anyone left can get justice and ensure they are eliminated with must pain. They should have been prosecuted already for the crimes they have already committed but everything is covered up.  So that shows you they are everywhere in high positions 

You are so right Sally.The cream doesn't rise to the top in the real world.

Main scream  NEWS NZ .TODAY.

University exporting monkey malaria

Dunedin has an unusual new export thanks to University of Otago scientists - monkey malaria.

A recent gathering hosted by the university's department of microbiology and immunology and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation resulted in scientists culturing cynomolgi malaria - a relapsing strain of the disease which affects monkeys.

Cynomolgi is very closely related to vivax malaria - the relapsing malaria affecting humans.

No-one has been able to successfully culture vivax malaria, but the breakthrough in culturing cynomolgi malaria potentially opens the door to developing drugs to combat vivax malaria.

The mind boggles. The Gates Foundation has so many fingers in so many pies it's hard to keep up. Vaccines, geoengineering research (currently the tethered balloon dispersal from the edgar of space),development of an aluminium friendly gene to insert into crops etc. etc.

Their motives will be totally in line with "Sustainability" worldwide - Agenda 2030. Resilient cities everywhere, which will be bee hives for the masses (the workers). Meanwhile the land will be cleared for Big Farmer and Big Industry. A NWO Coporatocracy to rule the world. A small group of rich elite controlling the masses for their own benefit.

Africa has been one of the most challenging frontiers to gain control of. The pillaging of it is in full swing.

Meanwhile back in NZ

''We are basically exporting monkey malaria parasites around the world, from Dunedin." ...funded by Bill and Melinda


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