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Brandon Turbeville, 

Natural BlazeFrom the first moments Europeans landed on the shores of North America, a war was waged against the indigenous people who lived there. That war took the form of deceptive agreements, settlements, outright violence, genocide, and, after defeat on the battlefield, an attempt to erase Native American culture and history from the minds of the victims. This war on Native Americans has never ended. Instead, it has only intensified with the lessons learned from the indoctrination and police state techniques used on the majority American population via television, law enforcement brutality, austerity/dependency, and of course medical tyranny, psychiatric fascism, and DSS/CPS.

In this new phase of the war, DSS/CPS play an important role. The separation and destruction of the family unit has continued apace with both the Native American and American populations but, in the case of Native Americans, it not only functions as a way to remove children from their families, but also a way to remove them from their culture. In this sense, DSS/CPS now functions as the old Indian Boarding Schools of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries that were devised to “civilize” and forcibly assimilate Native American people into the dominant culture.

The South Dakota Department of Social Services is working with psychiatrists and Big Pharma to engage in what can only be described as “genocide-for-profit.” It is using techniques it has learned on the American population of using “social services,” police, and the courts to separate children from their families, creating a population of people who have grown up without a stable family upbringing or who simply disappear only to turn up later in sex slavery rings or are left to some other horrible fate.

What is known about this situation is that, in South Dakota, Lakota children are being forcibly removed from their homes, put into foster care or psychiatric facilities and then over-prescribed psychiatric drugs that often rival some of the heaviest doses given to psychotic adults.

Indeed, Lakota parents and grandparents are now reporting that it is routine for DSS to send police to their homes to forcibly remove their children.

Picture heavily armed men arriving to a home in the dead of night to wrench children from their beds to be taken away from their families and you most likely immediately go to images of Nazi Germany, Communist China or the Soviet Union. But this isn’t some historical aberration nor is it the practice of some foreign police state abroad, it’s the practice of the police state here at home.

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This is just dreadful, this really upsets me, its all so evil, and very few people even know its going on...Why are the indigenous peoples always the target, it has always happened,Australia comes straight to mind, but also many other countries. I always think, they live happy lives,outside of "society" they are not brainwashed or controlled, not even sure if they use money.

But I guess that makes them targets, I can think on no other reason except stealing the land of them...maybe its both. We need to share on FB pages, wake people up.

Yes, this is what is also going on in the UK and other European nations. To me, it is about breaking up the family and security of community, but it is also to obtain new opportunities for pedophiles and Satanists. Evil is on the move and children must be protected. Protection requires high-alert consciousness. Our lifestyles may have to change so as to keep us sane, sober, and surveillant in a new battle-ready way, the lines defining war having been erased.

Well said, Elana. 


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