Ex US President George Bush Senior dies aged 94

Whilst he may not have coined the term, the man well known for his repeated "New World Order" quotes has passed away aged 94. No cause of death was given at this stage, but the 41st president of the United States had suffered from ill health of the last few years including bouts with pneumonia in 2017 and also Parkinson's disease which left him in a wheelchair.

G.H.W. Bush Is DEAD at 94.

G.H.W. Bush Is DEAD at 94.

Whilst I am not one to speak ill of the dead, I will say that this man is, or was, responsible for the deaths of thousands if not millions of innocent people. As the head of one of the most powerful families in the US, former CIA director, Skull and Bones member, vice president and of course president of the USA, his crimes have impacted the lives of many and his passing will not be missed. I for one will not celebrate, as that is not my way, but I hope that he gets what he deserves in whatever after-life he has departed to.

Even before becoming President this man was a war criminal. On gaining the 'top job' he launched illegal wars on Iraq and promoted the rise of the secret state in his home country. The horrific deaths of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and potentially millions of children as a result of sanctions and a smashed infrastructure, should put him up there with some of the worst psychopaths in history.

So I will say, goodbye...and good riddance.

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Carlin wrote his epitaph:https://youtu.be/cKUaqFzZLxU



Even by the recent can't-believe-your-eyes-and-ears standards of American elitist hagiography, this week's over-the-top-of-the-top praise of George H.W. Bush was astonishing.

What separated Bush41apalooza from such previous pseudo-griefathons as those for Ronald Reagan and John McCain was that there was so little to work with. Not that it stopped the media.

I knew this was an insane historical benchmark when a major network interrupted its coverage of the G-20 summit with the BREAKING NEWS that George W. Bush had issued a statement about his dead dad: "George H.W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could ask for." Stop the presses!

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When a right-wing Republican like Bush dies you can count on a Democrat to deliver his most fulsome praise. "America has lost a patriot and humble servant," said Barack and Michelle Obama. "While our hearts are heavy today, they are also filled with gratitude...George H.W. Bush's life is a testament to the notion that public service is a noble, joyous calling. And he did tremendous good along the journey."

Trump lies constantly but it took the death of Bush 41 for American "leaders" and their media mouthpieces to fully commit to speaking an English language whose words have no meaning whatsoever. In this dystopia I'd call Orwellian save for the fact that old George's prophecy didn't anticipate its hilarious absurdity, a man who ran for president three times qualifies as "humble." A commander-in-chief who ordered the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent people in one of the most gruesome war crimes ever recorded -- the "Highway of Death" following the ceasefire that ended the Gulf War -- is described as having great character -- yet no one upchucks all over the camera lens as if it were a Japanese prime minister.

Shock & awe made me sick...how many civilians got blown up?

The Good do die young.

The Political Art of David Dees
5 December at 14:58 · 
George HW Bush! Thank you for all you did to us.

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I hope he got the dose they give our elders to 'help them pass over' in NZ.
morehine haliperidol medazolam... which basically snuffs them out, nil by mouth, no water and they drown in their own phlegm.  True story. 

Most probably the worst president in modern history,at least so far.




The Media & GHW Bush


Note that Bush – and Bush Jr. – frequently cozied up and still cozy up to the Clintons and the Obamas while expressing nothing but disdain for Trump and his supporters. Neither Bush ever had anything negative to say about the Obama administration’s eight-year run of domestic policies that were ostensibly anathema to “Bush Republicanism.” They are all peas from the same pod.


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