What’s old is unfortunately new again: Recently, two US military officials said that America should be getting ready for a war in space, a sentence I am ashamed to write in the year 2017.

Their advice was seemingly bolstered by a Hill article penned by two US national security experts this week, which reminded Americans that North Korea could in theory use a satellite weapon to send an electromagnetic pulse over the United States, triggering widespread blackouts and ultimately, societal collapse. It seems like all those Cold War fears Baby Boomers have repressed for decades are finally getting their chance!

“Just as nuclear assets deter aggression by convincing potential adversaries there’s just no benefit to the attack, we have to maintain a space posture that communicates the same strategic message,” US Navy Vice Admiral Charles A. Richard, deputy commander of US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), said on March 22 during a conference in Washington, DC, as reported by “I submit [that] the best way to prevent war is to be prepared for war, and we’re going to make sure that everyone knows we’re going to be prepared to fight and win wars in all domains, to include space.”

As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, a few weeks earlier, US Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told Washington Post writer David Ignatius that his branch of military is working toward “space superiority”, which he explained as “freedom from attack and freedom to manoeuvre”.

While Richard and Goldfein’s comments might seem out of the blue, there’s actually a long history of policy — and action — about space as a battleground. In 1967, toward the beginning of the Space Race, the United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty banned the use of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction from being used anywhere in outer space. But that didn’t stop Cold War powers from propagating the idea that an all-out space war was nigh — in 1983, President Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), also known as Star Wars, which was a plan to launch an anti-ballistic missile system into space to protect Americans from a Soviet attack. Similarly, Russians entertained the idea of creating “suicide satellites”, which were essentially spacecrafts with rapid-fire cannons attached to them. Like SDI, the idea was eventually scrapped.

Then, in the early 2000s under the tenure of President George W. Bush, the notion of bringing our battles beyond Earth resurfaced again.

“The idea of ‘space war’ lived primarily in science fiction realms for many years, but became a serious part of US policy discussions with Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, who talked about the inevitability of space warfare — because war had occurred in other domains of air, land and sea,” Joan Johnson Freese, Professor and former Chair of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College told Gizmodo. “[He talked about] even a ‘space Pearl Harbour’.”

Things got a little more real in 2007, when China used an antisatellite weapon from Earth to blow apart one of its own weather satellites in space. Shortly after, the New York Times reported that arms control experts called the test a “troubling development that could foreshadow an antisatellite arms race”. Once US president Obama took office, there was a short cooling down period until 2013, when China launched a rocket that was ostensibly for a science mission; reportedly, some researchers were concerned that this was a practise run for future antisatellite weapons. Gizmodo reached out to the US Department of Defence for comment but had not heard back at time of writing.

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“With the 2013 Chinese launch the consensus on strategic restraint began to unravel,” Freese said. “The launch, coming soon after both Russia and China testing manoeuvrable satellites in low Earth orbit — a capability that, until recently, had been demonstrated only by the United States — led to something of a ‘quiet panic’ within the US national space security community.”

So while the fear of a space war is nothing new, this perennial anxiety doesn’t get any easier to deal with. While recent comments from US military officials might seem aggressive and sort of alarmist, Freese said that all things considered, they have dialled it back quite a bit. To be fair, a shooting war in space could be disastrous for astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), communications satellites, and by extension, the rest of us here on Earth. The human toll from an EMP attack on the US that blacks out the electrical grid is also no laughing matter — although claims that such an attack would kill nine out of every 10 Americans may be a gross exaggeration.

“Air Force General and STRATCOM commander John Hyten has toned down that muscular rhetoric, now seemingly advocating deterrence to avoid conflict, because conflict will damage or destroy the space environment critical to US military and civilian daily operations,” Freese said. “This more prudent approach makes much more sense — in terms of achieving US space goals of stability, assured access and protection of the environment — than saber rattling.”


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Our Extra Terrestrial friends wont allow it to happen.. period!

Can you give me an example of when and where ET visitors intervened in human affairs, Sandi?

If, (and that's a very speculative "if") Extra Terrestrials are observing us, then they must surely have a "none intervention" rule and no doubt have methods of observation way ahead of current "stealth" tech.

So far they are simply letting us slowly wreck our planet. Sometimes personal experience is the best teacher, and perhaps this is why ET has never intruded on human affairs (at least that we know of!).

Personally, if I see something unusual in the sky, I think "military" before I think "ET".

And when the flying saucers appear en-masse to save us all, they'll most likely be fake and holographic. Project Blue Beam!

Meanwhile, I welcome with open arms the bombshell evidence that Extraterrestrial "friends" are among us.

Ha, synch Martin...just thinking same thing.

If I were a friendly off worlder I wouldn't take my ship 100 light years near an earth plane wormhole.

"its life Jim, but not as we know it!"

The lesson is ****nobody gonna save us until we learn to save ourselves**** otherwise we are not worth rescuing.

"Saviour" programming is one of the control systems biggest assets, don't buy into it people.

Links to FreemanTV Space War News if anyone has a lifestime or so to catch up (a lot of information)....

Years ago, Carl Sagan suggested we might be allowed into the intergalactic Big Boy's Club when we all learn to get along as a united world.

Unfortunately, the Illuminati-Elite believe this too, but, as usual, they think this means a world "united" as mind controlled generic slaves, under their control.


A United earth means respecting and celebrating our diverse nationalities and cultures, sharing and caring, and enjoying the spiciness of life.

It means caring for our planet and treating all life with compassion, even the life we depend on for food.

It means helping those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

It means sharing love and chocolate.

But, it's easier for a camel to pass through The Eye Of The Needle, than for an incalculably rich Reptile-Brain to understand the bleeding obvious (to paraphrase a certain Galilean chap).

They'd rather piss away their wealth on ray guns.

Check out the new film  " Unacknowledged" TRAILER... Film is premiering LA in a few weeks time

and updated here on the website . The book “Unacknowledged” that accompanies the film is out now in E format  The movie Sirius which was our first movie can be seen for free here

Our organisation CSETI (Centre for the STUDY of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) has a website here  (not to be confused with SETI – Steven Hawkins which is a bogus disinformation organisation who are still supposedly searching for ETI!!)     We also have in New Zealand several CE5 groups.. Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind …..which is HUMAN INITIATED contact with beings from other planets galaxies and dimensions whereby we vector craft in to safe locations to interact with the occupants. More details on the protocols and training to be a Galactic Ambassador can be found here and here

In March 2016 Ricky Butterfass (Dr Steven Greer’s second in command) came to NZ and we trained our first group of Ambassadors at Mt Potts Station near Christchurch and last week we did a second training  near Lake Taupo inthe North Island.  At both events we had multiple craft and interactions. See a clip from our Japanese JCETI group here and some footage from the event here entitled Landing a UFO/ETV at Mt Potts. There is also MUCH more not touched on in either the book or film that has happened recently (since filming) in Antarctica with the discovery in 2001 of ancient cities under the ice and alien technology that will blow your mind. Again this is being suppressed . Most of the craft that we now have in the Secret Space Program.. ( Black Budget stuff)  was back made from technology gained from ET craft. If you read the book Selected by Extra Terrestrials you will learn of the ETs that gave us this technology

There is plenty of evidence that ETs met with various presidents face to face and deals were done with some.. however it seems that not all ETs have our well being at heart although the ones that we are now dealing with do in so much as they dont want this planet harmed as anything exploded here affects the rest of the solar system.. which is why ETs shot down the nuclear missile we tried to explode on the Moon.. they have bases there of course and were waiting  there in large numbers for our first moon landing. The footage you see on TV of the first step on the moon.. the first step for mankind was actually filmed in a studio and they cut to that rather than air the live first step and the reaction Neil Armstrong had when he saw all these large craft on the crater rim!!. Yes we did go to the moon and land.. and were warned off!!

.You may need to enter these links above by copy and paste as they may not be live links.


No ETs comin to save me, we're in charge of ourselves.


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