Since 1945 homo sapiens, “man, the wise”, has been holding the nuclear ‘gun’ to his own head. But who does he think he’s fooling? When you take someone ‘hostage’, for example, you’re supposed to hold the gun to someone else’s head…not your own! It’s all far more insane than almost any of us dares to consider…and even more insane than the fact that all things nuclear even exist is the fact that almost all of us pretend that they aren’t even real! Our current scenario has all the makings of a fantastic Greek tragi-comedy; the only problem is that the ‘stage’ on which it is being enacted…maybe not for the first time but perhaps for the last?...just happens to be the only planet in the known universe that harbours life as we currently know her: Mother Earth.

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The only ~known~ planet to harbor life...

Time to work together!!

War with Iran is War on You.

December 31, 2011

HOW MIGHT one collapse the global financial system virtually overnight? Start a war with Iran.

Iran borders the Straits of Hormuz, through which 40% of the world’s oil flows. A war with Iran would close the Straits, which is exactly what the globalist bankers want to do.

In case you’ve not yet noticed, the Fractional Reserve Banking system is set up to fail, short of repeated quantitative easing measures (printing money). This is because all money is now backed by debt agreements rather than substance (gold), and the interest differential between debt and credit balances means that interest rates are higher on debt – so that, periodically, we reach a point where there is far more debt in circulation than credit; too much debt to service.

Printing money to redress the balance simply dilutes the value of savings, as in fact does the money-tree growth that is Fractional Reserve Banking itself. So we lose even if the system stays in place.

HOWEVER, if you want to crash the whole thing almost in an instant – without even giving people time to prepare – you suddenly choke the world’s oil supply. And that’s exactly the prospect we’re looking at going into 2012 with. Armageddon, anyone?

You see with money being backed by debt, it’s actually backed by human labour to satisfy the debt. To work, you need to travel, and you need power. You also need to EAT. To eat, you need OIL. No oil, or not enough oil… game over, financial system. (There’s a new one waiting in the wings.) And you go hungry, into the bargain.

Current estimates say that the amount of calories required in oil energy is about 70 for just ONE calorie of food energy for the food to be produced, transported and cooked before you eat it. So what happens if half the world’s oil supply is cut in an instant?

The price of oil has been estimated to rise 500% in such a scenario. Would food prices follow suit? Probably – if there was even food on the shelves of the supermarket. But would you have money to buy it anyway? Would you have a job?

NOW, WE’RE actually being prepped for such a situation. Reuters, the super-Masonic double-spiral logo lovers ran a story this week saying that IRAN might close the Straits of Hormuz. You may have heard: Now, you can be sure that, as per the Reuters logo, this has been spun.

Sure, Iran is now having naval exercises around the Straits. But so is the US. Chicken or egg? Ask yourself, who benefits? Is it the bankers, who are running our governments? They’ll get to clean up on all mortgaged land, won’t they?

Iran didn’t invade another country in 200 years. The US does it about once a year now. Iran is next – and if it happens, it will be a war on you. On your food supply, on your land. It may be time to start praying.


Postscript: The Fractional Reserve Banking system’s architecture is based on the double spiral shownin the Reuters logo. Debt spinning around credit. Light around dark. It’s Kundalini, the Caduceus, the Dao, Wairua. But they bent it out of balance with the interest differential, so dark has the upper hand… and so that when they collapsed it – in 2012 – they would clean up on mortgaged land and, well, have a cull.

This is the real battlefield, and we’re each in the crosshairs. It’s also why we need to save seeds.



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