Complacency, inept officials – a Government inquiry paints a frightening picture of the state of New Zealand’s drinking water, with at least 750,000 of us drinking from supplies that are “not demonstrably safe” – a figure described as likely to be a “significant underestimate”.
The inquiry was sparked by the 2016 Havelock North gastro outbreak, which has now been linked to four deaths, and calls for a major overhaul of water supplies, including mandatory treatment.
The Government has now written urgently to all mayors and district health boards asking to check the water they are supplying meets current standards after the inquiry revealed 20 per cent of water supplies were not up to standard.

Chemically treating Christchurch’s water to make it extra safe for drinking would cost ratepayers more than $100 million, city council officials believe.
A damning Government report in the wake of last year’s Havelock North disease outbreak condemned water regulation across New Zealand and called for the universal treatment of drinking water.
But medical experts believe Christchurch, which has long-resisted suggestions its drinking water should be treated, is a “special case” because its water quality is so good.
Council bosses said introducing chlorination would be a “major undertaking” and would cost millions to install treatment systems in the 50 or so boreholes across the city.
David Adamson, council city services manager, said: “To treat against things like protozoa we would need something like ultraviolet treatment or fine filtration, and to treat against ongoing E coli would need some residual treatment like chlorination.
Residents in some parts of North Canterbury have had issues with discoloured and “crunchy” water.
“You’re looking at a bill of probably $100 million plus, and my engineers have estimated an operating cost of possibly $5m a year to run it.”
Adamson welcomed the report for stimulating “interesting conversation” but said the council had “very good measures” in place over risk, including secure deep boreheads and a stringent water quality monitoring regime, and it should be up to the community to decide whether those measures were sufficient.
“I think Christchurch City Council has got some very good practices, both in the construction and depth of their wells and in their monitoring regimes that produce barriers to minimise that risk.”–council
Christchurch’s pure drinking water could be contaminated due to farming

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The hype is starting to build to another massive "problem, reaction, solution" scam.

This time it is the battle to control water- the new oil- & make the slaves pay for it.

The chlorine, fluoride, & any other "safe & effective" chemicals will keep us sick & passive for corporate profit.

Time to go off grid before it is a criminal offence. 

Clorine=heart disease=cancers...........

A rather startling headline for the article that is Christchurch focused.

Chlorine stops the uptake of sulfur so be warned MSM takers.

This poison is responsible for early death and in our pets also.  You can harden the arteries of all your family now, for a low cost of just 100 million dollars Christchurch!  But wait, there's' more...   you can water your garden and pour that shit back into your vege's! YUM YUM!

Take charge, get your own water tank

Can't afford it?  Spend he money that you would give to the council for water rates.

Become responsible for what is going in your family... I'm laughing at the futility of saying that, because it falls on deaf ears, even here at the ConTrail.  Most still live and breath life through toxic cell phones while bitching or at least being aware of the toxic effects of that for our families.

Apathy is what it is.  Don't be apathetic about your water choices.  Make personal changes while you still can if chlorinating water is your councils choice.

Although my links are mostly Chch focused (seeing as I live there and all..) it is ALL of NZ that is being told to chlorinate, just to make sure everyone is clear on this!

Hear! Hear!

Water as a depopulation weapon

Water as a depopulation weapon

Water is a basic element of life which is why the depopulation lobby misuses it to accomplish their…

Geez, gotta wonder how all you NZ'ers ever managed to stay alive all this time!

Get shares in water filters now! And fight back as hard as you can.

I've spent most of my life living rurally, dependant on roof catchment tank supply and the odd time that runs low then pump from a spring fed dam pond or else a neighbouring creek even when I stayed with family in Perth for several months start of the year, fortunately the rain gods heard my prayer and it rained enough for me (actually it was worse flooding in several decades) to catch jars of drinking water at the bottom of one of their number of roof down pipes before it disappeared down the stormwater drain and buying drinking water from the mall was waste of time and money as it still tasted as bad as the fluoridated chlorinated tap water in the house even tho filtered. Drought here at the mo but so used to it I just go thru the motions of getting water blindfolded if need be.

our water's chock full of chlorine. I finally have another distiller. The filter jug I had was encrusted at the pouring spout with white dried chlorine (presumably) - can smell it. The council water man says it won't hurt us (yeah right) & his sister is a pharmacist so 'she should know' (yeah right again). I'm waiting on the analyses of the water here. WE also had bores put in to collect from ... that water also leaves white stuff in the distiller tho it's filtered with activated carbon I"m told. 

fluoride dumbs them down, chlorine shortens their life considerably 

 depop isn't it? 

I don't think it's "targeted" de pop as a pandemic would do it far more rapidly. Perhaps depop as collateral? I think it's more about CONTROL generally. Perhaps dumbing us down to accept the microchip implant that's imminent?

There's now a call from the government to centralise water infrastructure under a single governing body, taking control from regional councils, so there's your 2030 Agenda kicking in right there!


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