Those of you who think beyond the mainstream media … or even those who don’t … you’ve probably noticed a few things are not ticking the boxes lately regarding democratic processes.

By making these reports you are adding to a database of complaints that documents multiple violations. This makes the case for change much stronger and if the department concerned doesn’t act then we can take it to media for publication and to pressure change. Mainstream media will probably be either forced to print our exposes or lose their place as Mainstream Media and those who DO share it will become the new “Mainstream Media”!

One example would be the way District Councils appear to have minds of their own and increasingly they are failing to consult those who elect them regarding decisions that will be affecting them. 

Recently the Whaleoil blog featured the growing problem of local government breaking the law and points out that they get away with it because nobody is policing it. Check out the blog as there are many examples cited of things folks are encountering with their DCs.

Here is a recent example in Shannon where locals were consulted by their representing Councillor Ross Campbell on whether they wanted yet another liquor outlet licensed … overwhelmingly more were against than for (309 to 3) … yet the DC has gone right ahead and issued the liquor license anyway.  So who is this council  batting for? Their constituents, or the liquor industry? No prizes for guessing. Shannon has also had recent issues with discharge by Council of raw sewage into the local waterways, an ongoing issue with many DCs NZ wide. Cr Campbell was  trespassed for two years by HDC for filming the discharge of raw sewage into the town’s waterways. Shutting down dissent!

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Or if you just want the venue to report from: Here are links to both the site and the new Facebook page (head there and ‘like’ the page, and get reporting. You can also report historic incidents).

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The Ruling Class has to be monitored and reeled into place constantly.  A new system needs to be

implemented where politicians are rated daily for the job they are doing.  Whenever they hit a certain

predetermined low level they are removed from office and the next candidate is voted in.   I would hope

this would get those that wanted the job of representing the people actually started to do just that.

it just seems like these public reporting/commenting things are all just to make the public believe they have a voice .i think public television should be used for conversations such as these and i think gov positions  should be like jury duty ...every so often random people are selected and OFFERED a chance to serve as a political rep ,no suit and tie or big dollar income required ,casual dress ,3 month training for the 3-4 selected for each position ,anything like editing,proper grammer and all that crap we already have technologies for .as i see it ,gov was SUPPOSED to be designed to be representative of the general public NOT just an elite or upper middle class.people selected from each area to poll and converse with the locals in their area and redesign the entire structure LIKE HUMANS instead of elitist affluent narcisistic power monger pricks and when i say random i mean everyone who wants to ,from the homeless to the restraunt owner ,age 18-100 put his name in a proverbial hat to be drawn by children in a grade school or something

all gov should be local anyway,we can choose some who are skilled in speaking to represent a larger area,but the ideas must come from the people ,and corps dont count ,only individuals 

will share this though ,and hope it works as intended

Thanks Deanna. Actually a fellow NZ activist has put this site together and has received a reply already from gov. They had quickly put up a debunking type website (am speaking about chemtrail reporting). The usual denial of course. 

It is intended to be a repository for like complaints to be used to carry weight with complaints. 

As most here will know, this is all abut Agenda 21. We are seeing it (well I am) in our DCs. They are riding unashamedly roughshod over the wishes of the people. And folks are starting to really wake up & stand up seeing what corruption is actually going on.  Very interesting. Watch this space I guess.


yeah thanks Rose.  Me too. Spose deep down those of us who've seen this for a long time & know what's really going down, well you sort of know these crims will do what they want to do regardless. Still I reckon, why roll over & why go down quietly? There may be hope to change some stuff.

I agree TEd. Trouble is now, the entire country is the most corrupt on the planet I'm hearing, (from Vinny's channel anyway but no surpizes anywhere is it?) I've commented to Deanna below about how I"m seeing corruption in our DCs. Getting real bad too. 

Thanks Danielle.  I have a new book called EXTORTION  by Peter Schweizer.  Subtitled "How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets.  I paid a penny plus shipping for it online somewhere... Amazon perhaps.  Anyway... several years of investigating is brought to light.  I only read a few pages... it was depressing.  The Tax Code is where a lot of the "shaking down" of corporations by political hacks takes place. Copyright 2013

Corruption in DC is out of control... here is an example... Ferrari of America has a dealership in the DC area.  A big profit center for car dealers is the financing.  Well, as compared to dealerships in Florida and California  the Ferrari dealership in DC  is complaining that nobody finances these cars in DC... they come in and pay cash!  Gee, I knew all that shakedown money was going to find a place somewhere!  

Thnks too Ted. Interesting info you share. How much worse I wonder can it get? 

Yippee!!!    Will use this site ...  thank you, Danielle.

Right on. Here's Anna's site http://www.annavonreitz.com/  it covers your country too. 

Thank you renate ... bit of reading there, will check it out though. And Helena, go for it ... will see if  I can bring the answer he got over here. 


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