A recently published IOP Science paper by Harvard scientists Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner titled “” is a collation of all the public research on Geoengineering and prescribes a program using high altitude aircraft to disperse chemicals in the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and curb global warming. Going into all the details that would constitute a Geoengineering program. This paper gives a rare insight into how such a thing would operate, how much it would cost and how many planes would be needed. Lending clues to those that want to estimate the size and scope of any possible ongoing Geoengineering that may be occurring over Western countries but is being kept classified.

The paper even bemoans the fact that such a program would be very difficult to keep secret. Harvard scientists Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner state that such a program would be hard to keep classified since jet aircraft would be leaving long plumes of chemicals behind them that span the entire sky blocking the sun in a soupy haze. Keen observers would surely notice the changes and criss-crossing patterns of aircraft trails littering the sky from horizon to horizon. Sounds very familiar to what is being seen by so many now, in the skies over many N.A.T.O. countries, that deny such programs exist.

We conclude by arguing that, while cheap, such an aircraft-based program would unlikely be a secret, given the need for thousands of flights annually by airliner-sized aircraft operating from an international array of bases.     Wake Smith and Gernot Wagner

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I can remember in the sixtys when i saw a yellow sun now all i see is a glare that hurts my eyes i get depressed when trying to explain to the younger generation what is normal and what is not.

It's not the sun that has changed, it's the particulate that changes ~ light illusion

Yes rose i know the sun has not changed it is the crap they are spraying and not just the young older people to think your cracked talking about chemtrails.


Yet more dire news on the insect collapse front, can we survive if they can’t? What is the core cause of the catastrophic die-off? Aluminum is named as a primary element in climate engineering patents. Is that a major factor with the aluminum industry beating profit estimates? Winter weather whiplash is repeatedly occurring in specific highly populated zones of many first world nations. Is that just a coincidence? Are global climate engineering operations responsible? We are told there will be many cases of “flash freezing” in parts of the US from “Winter Storm Harper". Is this a new phenomenon? At the same time, permafrost in many parts of the Arctic is no longer freezing, even in winter. In other parts of the world asphalt roads are literally melting, but most Americans will never see such reports. Is Governor Newsom going to tax our drinking water? Yet more of Earth’s few remaining whales are washing up dead, the US military is the primary suspect. Can there possibly be any silver lining to all the dire news? Yes, many are now being forced to wake up, the latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Interesting article, I have a science minded friend who is a non believer so I decided to dig a little deeper on this one to see if there was any useful info as he always refers to the research or the study and concludes there is no proof. The paper on this was pretty good, I next decided to check the credentials of the researchers. Gernot wagner, one of the authors has done several articles on geo engineering and climate topics See here

One that he did that caught my eye was This

Which kinda puts using him as a credible source to support my argument back to square one! 


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