Heads-up Amarillo TEXAS! Excerpt from the upcoming article in Veterans Today

Thank you Larry Battis ~ from email

This is an extract from an article that will be posted in Veterans Today this coming Saturday, June 17, by Bob Nichols’. Please look for his update if you live anywhere around this area.

Amarillo and Points East and North East

It was the 5th of June in 2017 in Amarillo town down in Texas and the Total Gamma Radiationsoared from 3,000 CPM to over 9,000 CPM in just hours. Amarillo has endured 39,053,762 CPM in the past year plus two weeks or 54 weeks total. I don’t see how they can bear it.  There will be no word of warning on the radiation exposure since Amarillo is the current US hub for
nuclear weapons assembly, maintenance and repair. In a few years it will be a National Sacrifice Zone, like the others.

All I can say now is “Those poor civilians? God help them, they are in the Rad.” 

It is very possible Amarillo, Texas will be the cursed successor to Hanford and Rocky Flats nuclear disasters, along with St Louis, MO and Carlsbad, NM.  The US Nuclear Security teams have a habit of blowing up and destroying enemy nuclear services.  The US did so at Mayak, Russia.  It is arguable that the hundreds of fires at Hanford and Rocky Flats were just the Red Team getting some payback. All this nuclear spook stuff has “plausible deniability,” of course. Make Your best guess.

Rad Readings Source: RadNet, A Directorate of the US EPA. Amarillo, TX Total Gamma Radiation was about 3,000 CPM at 03:58 Hours on June 5, 2017 and about 9,300 CPM at 13:00 [1:00PM, June 5, 2017.]

Tech note: the 39 Million Total Gamma Rad figure is the accumulated total gamma Rad at the Amarillo EPA Rad monitor readings in 54 weeks.

I’ll keep you advised. Watch for my updates in Veterans Today filed under the ironic VT Category:  Life.

This is Bob Nichols reporting.

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You're welcome Rose. We also received an interesting comment and link from Mary at the FlyingCuttlefish about Amarillo and Pantex in the 1980's:

    The whole story of the choice of Amarillo for the nuke bomb assembly plant is well decribed in, "Blessed Assurance." Devout Christians seem ideal workers for these plants.

Also: "Your Radiation This Week," is published every two weeks on Saturday. The next publication dates are June 17 and July 1, 2017.

Thank you Larry, I have put the links into the main body of the discussion.

This is the txt from the link that Larry posted above

In 1982, with Cold War anxieties running high, A.G. Mojtabai set out for Amarillo, Texas, home of Pantex, the final assembly plant for all nuclear weapons in the United States. Through the lens of this particular city, she sought to focus on our adaptation as a nation to the threat of nuclear war. Her interviews began with Pantex workers assured of both the necessity and the safety of the work that they did, and in the steady, beneficent, advance of science. Working alongside them were fundamentalist Christians who believed in inevitable catastrophe, and who testified to quite another, blessed, assurance of Divine rescue from the holocaust to come. This startling juxtaposition of apocalyptic and technocratic world views was not confined to Pantex. Blessed Assurance brilliantly examines this clash of spiritual visions as it presented itself repeatedly in the streets, churches, and corporate offices of Amarillo. The voices that you hear in this book are those of the people of Amarillo speaking for themselves. Their narratives powerfully reveal their hopes and fears, their sense of the meaning of history, and the future of the human race. Blessed Assurance won the year's Lillian Smith Award for the best book about the South in 1986.


Copied to Uncensored also. thanks LB and Rose

Adding my appreciation for this information as well. It also reminded me to start regularly checking VT for news again.

Bob just sent me the following regarding the EPA radiation reporting system in Amarillo, TX.

Ohhhh, this is soooo choice, ya can't even make up stuff like this!

Amarillo took the epa Rad reporting device down at 04:30 Wednesday morning - as in way early!

It had just increased 568 cpm points in 4 hours, too!

2017-06-14 04:30:29 Last Reading

The Radiation Mafia at the EPA throwing kitty-litter on the mess!  ;}

Wonder if the WIPP, waste isolation pilot plant, has ever got room 7 contained or ? The kitty litter comment reminded me of the Valentine's Day fire a few years ago. Last I heard NM was letting some levels of waste come in again.
Lots of wheat and cotton grown in this farming area too
Cattle ranches too. Wonder if mutations are showing up in calves.


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