This link  below is self explanatory, my daughter Claire Prebble has especially asked if she could post it with this community because of the interest here in alternative and complimentary Medicine.

Her journey at the moment is  that she has been  further diagnosed with aggressive melanoma. Last year she was hospitalized for eleven days after a tumor and lymph node removal and flap transplant and now has been told the disease has progressed, and that they want to do more extensive operations, chemo therapy and radiation treatment.

She has decided after a great deal of study and investigation to take another and alternative option and travel to the Arcadia Clinic in Germany

Every dollar donated and positive thought given will help this young and committed woman have the opportunity to heal. My Love and appreciation goes out to you all in this community. Many thanks Sarah Hornibrooke

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Please go to the site and click on the photo of Claire for her story.

Hi Sarah. I'm just wondering if your daughter has heard of the Brilin Centre in Timaru? I understand it's the best alternative cancer treatment place in Australasia. If you can't find details online please let me know and I can forward them to you. Just thought it might be another option...I wish your daughter all the best.

Dear Claire, I believe you are doing the right thing going alternative.

I have great personal Experiences with Germany, you will be in good hands.

No money is better spent than on your Health.

God Speed and come back soon to a Beautifull new Healthy Life in Godzone.

I look forward to hearing of your Rapid Progress! All our Positive Energies from Aotearoa are with you!


Yes Vickistar she has at a conference in Auckland on  Cancer recently, good things, that the service is fully utilized.. I am sure we will see more of these facilities being available as we work to raise awareness.

Brilin Cancer Therapy - Home

Incredible kiwis!

$41,426.00 raised toward the $80,000.00 already!


Thank you every one. I see from this wonderful response that people are good, that global and local community is strong, and there is interest and awareness that there are other pathways.


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